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Cheap but unhygienic

If Edinburgh is so damp, I wonder why I wake up multiple times in the night really dry, when I didn't in London? Something about the bed making me snore more?

Nice easy train - off-peak anytime ticket. Standard class, picked myself a table for convenience and maybe having someone to talk to. No wi-fi or plug. Passed the very base of the castle as we pulled out, that was neat. Someone's playing their headphones too loud... Table is now full, but no inter-stranger conversation.

At Linlithgow, or Gleann Iucha.

1633 says the Iroquois called George Washington "the town burner", for ordering General Sullivan to eradicate their settlements in the Revolution.

Glasgow. Scenery wasn't that dramatic.

There's a Nelson Mandela plaza.
Underground station has angled slidewalks. Underground is the 3rd oldest subway in the world, after London and... Budapest? Hasn't been expanded past its original circle, though due to hard bedrock and old mines.
Made it to the hostel, through Kelvingrove Park... shortest linear distance but the hills are something else. I see why it's a park without roads through it. Hostel is in an isolated terrace, park is shaped like a horseshoe and we're inside the bend. Area looks like it'd be either rather expensive or rather run down. Hostel even has street signs pointing to it.
Hostel is called youth hostel, but there was a no longer middle aged woman asking questions at the desk, so it's not just me.

Some amout of tartan or plaid around, and an Indian waiter in an Indian restaurant is wearing a kilt, albeit dark gray and black. And he just brought me a tiny cup of "homemade Indian chicken soup", gratis I assume. The lunch menu is set price, you choose among starter and entree. There's a pre-theater page, which implies a theater nearby.

In my hostel room. (Wasn't ready earlier.) 8 beds. 2 bathrooms and separate shower rooms. No sockets. One switch for all the ceiling lights and no other lamps. No towel yet. They rent towels for a pound, but don't have any available 1.5 hours after check-in. There *are* two sockets, for 8 people. The room water is apparently not potable. Wi-fi is a pound an hour. Have to buy shower soap... And there's no bathroom soap or hand-drying facility.

Despite the VERY HOT WATER sign and it being a many-room building, the sink has yet to produce hot water at all... I'm told maybe later, when more people are running it. Also that the "no drinking" is because they can't guarantee the pipe water being kept at good temperatures, "should be safe for brushing your teeth but could be a small risk in large quantities", unlike the basement kitchen taps.

Umm, there shouldn't be enough stuff in the water for bacteria to grow on... Still, at least it doesn't seem part of a bottled water scam.

I've met one roommate, here from Aberdeen for a business conference. Man, his business must be cheap.

It's 70 F, which is considered really warm. Mind you, after going substantially uphill in the sun, then up to a 3rd story room, that is kind of warm.

Cleverly forgot Host's spare keys; since I know more guests come tomorrow, mailed them top speed for £7.30.

The plan for the evening: when I first took the subway - one of the smallest in the world, in all senses, cf. Wikipedia - I got an all day pass. (£3.50 vs. £1.20 one way). Might as well use it! There's about 15 stops in a circle, I figure I can get off at each one and look around.

Already I've learned that a stop can be a few blocks from quite busy areas and show no sign. Also that escalators follow London's stand on the right protocol - guess the Tube set the habits for the country. Mind you, you still take the left escalator.
Loud headphones worn by a white man in a business suit.


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