Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Subway adventure report

Buchanan: downtown, Queen St rail. Didn't see much.
Cowcaddens: looks like crap, but shops and nightlife a few blocks south on Sauchladdie.
St. Georges Cross: lots of shops... All closed by 5:30 for fear of vampires. Or maybe of the council high rise looming nearby. Great Western road seems a bit more alive. I'm surprised there's a Cromwell road - but oh, right, I'm in Scotland. Bunch of bars or pubs, and an iCafe.
Kelvinbridge: hostel. River walk, and park.
Hillhead: botanic gardens and galleries, supposedly. What I actually see is a nicy busy street.
Kelvinhall: supposedly where the really big museums are. Mixed vibes upfront, part Sunnydale part restaurants. Partick is a common name in Glasgow - station, taverns - and yes that's Partick, not Patrick. There's a pigeon, a big pile of crumbs, and 3 loaves of bread; the miracle is that there's only one pigeon.

Oh, the platforms are narrow enough to give me vertigo. I'm probably a wuss but there you go... I think I feel safe when I can fall over and not be at risk of falling in; the two-sided platforms lack that trait.

Train had an ad with 2 men checking each other out, urging the reader to get condoms and lube. http://www.makeyourpositionclear.com

London and Edinburgh have more public toilets -- out on the street -- than I'm used to in the US.

Partick: nice station, since it's shared with ScotRail. Outside is vampire country again; even the Subway has its chairs up, at 6:38. Subway has chicken tikka, btw. Bus signs seem to indicate running every 30 minutes. The subway has been pretty frequent -- 4-6 minutes --and runs past 11 - but only 6 on Sunday. There is a large open supermarket nearby though, Morrison's. The bathroom there was bathed in pure blue fluorescent light, with a UV feel to it. Lots of women passing through the station in very high heels and very short and tight dresses. Well, a group of 11 of them, plus a couple more who seemed separate. 3 slick guys to go with the big group. Whoops, add two girls and one guy. The separate group went out; the big one was apparently congregating for the train.

Trains up to 8 minutes.

Gowan: vampires, plus a pub, and an open frozen food store. "Farmfoods: the frozen food specialists". It closes at 8. I'm going to start skipping stations: every station about which the tourist map has had little to say has been depressing.
Cessnock: So much for the tourist map; vampires and Chinese takeout. And other takeout, and liquor and gambling. Lots of vehicle traffic, though. A pub, and a middle-aged woman with male companions asked if I'd had a nice day. I said yes and retreated.
12 minutes to my next Inner train. 2 Outer trains in the past 4 minutes. I am sad and confused.
Bridge street: not Sunnydale dead, but still not exciting. Next target, St. Enoch, seemed likely to be walkable. Cross the river and whee, downtown! A lively one too, with pubs and open fast food places and lots of people. Eventually gave up on looking for a great place and went for Chopstix noodle bar. Cheap (3.50 for a small) and with bathroom. Workers are white behind the register, Asian cooking and elsewhere. Anime art, plus one photo of a Chinese young girl eating noodles. And a collage of Chinese art and cultural facts.

Took St. Enoch back. Nice station. I was going to say something about private schools being in session during the summer, by the uniforms I saw, but I just realized that hey, it's September, schools are probably back in session in general. Like IU is.
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