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Kelvin Kelvin Kelvin

Got back to my room a bit after 11pm. Hostel quiet period is 11-7, and everyone else was in bed. Oops! Fortunately for them I didn't have to blast them with the overhead light to get ready in the dark room: my smartphone can double as an expensive flashlight. Sleep wasn't ideal but better than I'd feared; I'll give it another try.

Crossed Kelvingrove Park to find Kelvingrove Museum. There was a statue of Kelvin. I suspect Lord Kelvin the physicist but haven't confirmed this.

I don't much trust my phone-GPS opinions on altitude.

Museum has Glasgow Stories, on sectarianism, violence against women, South Asian immigrants, and James Watt; a small Ancient Egypt room; natural history stuff, Scottish fossils or stuffed animals, Darwin, basic divisions of life; Scottish art, especially the painter John Quinton Pringle, Margaret and Frances MacDonald, Glasgow Boys, Colourists, Glasgow Style; Every Picture Tells A Story with a few examples of what McCloud would call sequemtial art; St. Kilda; arms and armor, but with more explanation and commentary; Scotland's first peoples (Alpine jadeite in Scotland 5000 years ago; crannogs)

Didn't finish that museum before closing time. Figured how to walk to the Botanic Gardens, and found the Kibble Palace still open. Silly name to us, but it's a glasshouse or conservatory, in the old style. Not huge - desert room, carnivorous room, main dome - but that dome is nice. Outer desert plants, inner ferns and bananas, little mazelike path, and amazing echo effect under the cupola. Which reminds me that Host said she could like living in a greenhouse, and I agree. Or at least the idea is cool. (Especially a whole enclosed area in a wintry climate.)

There's a more modern complex of greenhouses, more plants though less spiffy architecture, that or I just don't like dark brown frames. Neat collections though, including a tropical pond. But a papyrus placard attributes pulped paper to the Arabs?! Hello, China? One of the four great inventions thereof?

Now I'm in a Persian restaurant. More nickel and diming: "I'll have this yogurt and cucumber appetizer." "You want bread withthat?" "Um, no?" "You really do." It comes, and is rather strong -- not sure if too salty, sour, or dilly, but it does want to be cut.

Table has a number on it. I've wondered why more restaurants don't use physical labels to cut down on training and cognitive costs of waiters.

Been seeing a lot of redheads. Don't believe all of them are natural, but still. More redheads than blondes? Maybe.

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