Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

A slander!

There is soap in my room after all - a dispenser in the *other* bathroom.

I got to the room before 11, but almost everyone was in bed already again. Youth hostel. On a Saturday. O_o I slept decently, in and out. Up pretty late, but not as late as some blond who I think is in bed before I arrive, and gets up around 7, but then appears again and just lies there until I leave. Which was noon, today.

I've spent part of the evenings in the lounge. I'm on my laptop, and so is everyone else. So much for meeting people. Except for an Uruguayan woman in front of me last night, who was looking at physical maps, and I asked about her planning and thus met her. Of course, she'd be off to Edinburgh today.

My navel orange from Spain is not very good.

People's Palace - museum of Glasgow - and attached Winter Palace - another conservatory. Rationing lasted till 1955.
Steamies operating into the 1990's for public handwashing of laundry; residents still have the right to hang laundry in the Green.
Exhibits on the world wars, crime and the death penalty, labour movement, municipal services and planning, women's lives before contraception and divorce.

Nothing much else planned for tonight. Burrell Collection tomorrow perhaps, though I forget why just now. Then Tuesday, Skye!
Tags: glasgow, travel, travel2010
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