Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Monday Glasgow

Or I could stay in all day reading. For all my time in bed I'm still tired, and I don't know what the tour will involve, so, take it easy.

I read before I left that British toilets would be underpowered and challenged to flush poop, as has been said of Congress-mandated economy toilets. This appears to have been a slander: pretty much all toilets have been frighteningly overpowered.

I just noticed that Scotland seems to have its own pound notes. Bank of Scotland or Clydesdale Bank, signed by a Glasgow COO. £5 has Arthur Fleming and St. Kilda, 10 has Mary Slessor and map of a tiny part of Africa. Ekoi, Ibibio, Itu. English 20 is QEII and Adam Smith, Scottish is Sir Walter Scott and Forth Bridge.

Currently eating South Indian garlic chili lamb. Very hot. First s. Indian dish with meat I've seen.

Got my first professional haircut in a long time, followed by my first mechanical beard trimming.

Found a coffeehouse open to the heady hour of 10 pm. It belies my statement about toilets, though it's less a matter of low pressure so much as not properly releasing what water it does have. Free wi-fi, but it's not working for either of my computers. Pity, I want to like the place. Their Turkish coffee was rather strong and bitter, but this Arabian rose tea, picked over Arabian mint for novelty, is nice.

Don't know if I'll be posting much on the tour.
Tags: glasgow, travel, travel2010
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