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There's Whiskey in the Still

Previous post was made right after lunch. Afternoon is to be spent touring the only whiskey distillery on the island. Wednesday 8 September for future calibration.

Portree has a bunch of restaurants, thanks to the tourism. Also a supermarket, nice to see the normal things. Bookstore, butcher shop, post office, church, police, hostel and hotels, all in 6 or 9 small blocks.

Driver points out silviculture devastation, bunch of stumps, and degraded land that can only support two crops of forest. This is old, highly weathered and leeched rock, says the geologist in me.

Road area is through mostly flat heather, but steep Black and Red Coolins.

57.30 lat, -6.26 long at this part of the road, which I say more to give the latitude of Skye.

Detoured to see a mix of black, ginger and white hairy coos, but they're off in the distance, no good view.

OMG! A bar of phone service! In the middle of nowhere! I wonder if it was actually EM interference from something.

Spelling correction: Cuillin.

Talisker Distillery, supposedly the most outstanding of the Island Malts... Not much to say about it, you can read how whiskey is made on Wikipedia, and I don't care about their details, do you? Though I am amused that they mature in old bourbon barrels. It's liquor barrels all the way down! Except not, bourbon uses virgin barrels. Used mash gets fed to livestock for its protein, which reminds me that the ecological case for vegetarianism is rather weak, though the case for meat being more expensive or used less is sound.

Sitting on grass with my eee using wifi, except the wifi choked on giving new connections. But so far my phone is still online. So I got a few comments and mails out.

Loch Ness tomorrow, and then back... I'm not sure to which city, that is not sure if it stops in Glasgow or just goes straight to Edinburgh. Got given a free train ticket between the cities. Guess I'll just try to grab a hotel room in whichever one.

Getting to be dinner time. 8:40 start tomorrow. :(


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