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Skye night 2

Well, that was some crappy Indian food. Went for variety: tikka sampler appetizer, pakora sampler, tandoori chicken appetiser, kima naan. None very good. Why did I do Indian in Skye? Because I didn't want more seafood or another burger and our driver had recommended it. Or maybe he was just calling it out as funny.

Walked around some, found the supermarket was still open around 9, which surprised me, and bought their last croissant and some fruit. Croissants have been a staple travel food for a while: keep decently for a no-preparation starch, and they incorporate their own fat. Walked around more, found a row of streetlights and what looked to be townhouses up a hill, which surprised me for no good reason; 2500 people have to live somewhere.

I don't think I'd want to live in a place like this, unless it was with some very special people or person, but I'm thinking of finding a B&B somewhere small and cheap and idling a bit at some point. Maybe.


I never ranted about the hostel shower. It was a big surprise. What looked like an electronic control unit, with an on/off button, a clearly labeled temperature dial, and a Power dial with blue wavy line, red wavy line, and double red wavy line markings, which made no sense to me and didn't seem to do anything. Also, the on button had to be complemented by pulling a cord by the door, and only one shower room had a sign to that effect. Like putting in memory chips, you had to pull the cord hard enough to feel at risk of breaking it before it worked.

But they're starting to repeat. I've seen the B&B one before, I think in South Kensington, where you twist the base of the dial for volume. The shower itself is excellent.


One benefit on last night's unwanted adventure is that I'll cultivate a new habit: looking behind me as I pass landmarks and odd intersections, so that I'll know what they look like coming back. It was utterly stupid of me to not know the name of my place, so that I couldn't have asked for help unless the police knew where my guide was staying, or I'd called Timberbush, but my problems began before that came up, when I reached the key intersection and it looked utterly unfamiliar. There's a good reason for that: the ground falls away,
so a certain building or complex looks really different, undermining my confidence in my weak memories of anything else.

More kinesthetic memory would help too but, well, I'm more of a symbolic thinker. Landmarks and maps and labels, yay. Motion I tune out of easily.


Loch Ness has cell. Will post last night's entry.


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