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Tour day 3

I forgot one thing of interest to me at the distillery. The visitor room had placards about the history and founders. The two men diversified their income, getting into sheep farming -- clearing crofters off their land. They "redeemed themselves" by organizing relief for an Irish famine. Call me socialist, but I don't see the occasional act of charity, that others could have organized had they the means, as redeeming the theft of people's means of production and support.

Some gorgeous cloud-sun- mist-mountain combinations as we left Skye. No photos, sadly. But that reminds me that Skye's names from both Scots and Vikings are along the lines of Cloud Island and Misty Isle. Well-earned, and easily so for a large island right off the west coast of Scotland.

We passed three slow trucks carrying long white pointed objects with flat bases today. My first throught was missiles. Then, noting what felt like a rise to concavity near the point, I though boat, like very long canoes. But then I could see that the bases were solid and round. The Maltese gentleman next to me suggested windmill, and soon a curve in the road let me see the other side, and yes, they're big windmill bladder.

Driver claims that as a Scot he's not supposed to believe in the Loch Ness Monster, but that Rickie MacDonald of the Academy for Applied Science has convinced him that sonar has found 18 distinct large animals, eating 3 ton of arctic char a day, and that a satellite -- "Google Earth" -- caught two large animals swimming together last June. 300 of them around the world, and something about a "magnetic pulse" and diving fast, which makes no sense to me. My judgement is so suspended it could support a bridge.

Skye's covered in basically grass and heather, and has an annual forecast of cloudy with occasional chance of sun, with wind and acidiic soils. No fun for making a living on. I'm kind of surprised there were 40,000 people to clear away.

GPS pickup on this nowhere Scottish road: crappy to non-existent.

Bad driver pun. Bride in a church sees aisle, altar, you. His second wedding was on a boat on Loch Ness. "Stairway to Heaven" was written on the shores of Loch Ness. Lake is black and opaque with peat-oil.


Not much to say about the boat itself. We went out, saw dark water, forested sides, the sonar dots of fish. Arctic char is apparently tasty. Trout in the loch can get rather big, taste like smoked salmon raw but tasteless cooked. No "sightings" or attempts to sell us on a pod of giant stealty airbreathers, though the windows had silhouette decals on them so you could take fake monster photos.

Ooh, someone got lost going from the boat to the bus. And this village has swing bridges. This may bork the trip! Even without the Maltese matriarch feeling ill and perhaps not fit for two hour road trips. Bumpy trips with no facilities -- this isn't a bathroom bus.

13:10 upload.


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