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Tawny Man comment

Bigger spoilers for the second trilogy!

Near the end of it all, Kettricken urges Fitz to take up his role as uncrowned king, as rightful heir in her eyes. I assume this is based on her Mountain views of sacrifices and Fitz having suffered the most, or on her having the sublimated hots for him. Because if it's based on her Mountain disregard of bastardy... she does know that Chade is Shrewd's *older* brother, right? In both years and precedence, Chade is clearly the senior Farseer, not Fitz. Also in experience -- Chade has spent decades watching the country, and 15 helping run it directly, while Fitz's grand accomplishment by 20 was getting himself killed and soul-wrecked, and then he spent his entire adult life as a mountain man. One of these seems a better king than the other. Fitz has gotten a lot done but only rarely due to his own competence, as I recall; redeeming Lady Grace is like the one unshadowed moment of governance.

The odd thing is that Chade's reaction is of pride. "There might actually be a Farseer on the [virtual?] throne". This seems odd every which way: a bastard putting himself forward, and only a few years before Dutiful's majority, is at odds to all of Chade's earlier attitudes. And if Chade's loosening up... again, which of them is more actually qualified?


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Sep. 19th, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
I do find it hard to believe she isn't aware of Chade's history, but I suppose it's not impossible.

Even given her misgivings about Chade, this does seem a bit out of character...if one doesn't include her long-held feelings for Verity, which Fitzchivalry plays a larger role. That's what always made the most sense to me. That, and the efforts he made to make her welcome within the Duchies in the first series.

I'd like to say that Chade's desire to be the power behind the throne rather than the throne as well might be a reason to prefer Fitzchivalry...except Fitzchivalry has had near no desires at all (except when Regal was around), and that Chade pragmatically would far more qualified, given his experiences and awarenesses. Though...he is a bit seeming reckless in the later books, here and there. And Chade's personal philosophy would differ greatly from Mountain Kingdom notions of rulership.
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