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Second Dutch Saturday

Weather has gone totally horrible. 45 F and 16 mile/hour wind. Umbrella doesn't do that much good. Broke out the cheap poncho I bought in Scotland... It's not the yellow rubber of my childhood but basically a plastic bag with shape. And sleeves - short.

Between weather and getting up late I'd consider staying in all day, but I'n not sure I have enough food, plus I seemed to find used clothing stores online. Not that I want more weight to carry, but safer clothes would be good to look for.

Cured some of my ongoing life annoyances last night. Tethering hadn't been working with Vodafone, but I belatedly realized I'd need to set up a new mobile broadband connection. A few seconds with the Ubuntu wizard and voila, my up to date Ubuntu could be online. Of course, Vodafone doesn't extend 3G to 15 km outside Amsterdam, so it was really slow. Too slow to painlessly do my further planning.

But then I put eeebuntu 2.0 -- atill had the ISO -- on my empty 16 GB stick. The old boot stick was 2G and had filled up what little userspace it had, while not being able to mount the ext4 main drive. Firefox was still usable but had no history or working back button. The new stick had 4G userspace on top of the install, and access to another 10G, plus I copied my Firefox and Pidgin directories over. So while I'm still annoyed by WiFi failure, my coping is much improved.

Shopping results... First didn't have much, and nothing that was what I wanted and fit well. Second had one €400 coat, very nice actually but way out of line. Others will take more walking or trams; getting pho and fresh OJ first.

Oy. Just saw in the bathroom that I'll need new jeans. Or another patch job, but there's nothing to wear during that. Be great if I knew how to sew.

But know what happens when you take time for a very late lunch? All the clothing stores close. Feh! Well, it was good pho. And fresh OJ, too. Though, €4... Fuck, really expensive OJ. When I visited NY 10ish years ago I'd get twice as much for $3.

Retreated home and nearly finished re-reading Something Positive. Had thought about visiting a 'coffeehouse' for the ambient experience but just the smell of pot on the sidewalk convinced me some experiences don't have to be tried.

Bought a 2-day transit pass but think it must have fallen out somewhere when I took my wallet out. It was escaping in the supermarket but I thought I had it back. €11 poof. :( But I have chocolates. And very tasty pepperburger OMG nom.


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