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Last day in Holland and Skype and thoughts

Nice weather again. Sunny and even less cold. Transferred to a hotel. Still have to get to the airport tomorrow: €15 50 minute shuttle, €40 20 minute taxi, or cheap 30+ minute public transit (tram transferring to train).

Got directed to a tailor, who was willing to patch my jeans in a couple hours for €12. Whee! Found a street market and strolled down it, mostly looking at foods. In fact, I realized I basically glaze over anything else. I might buy food, I'm not buying clothes or jewelry, so they barely even register... Anyway, lots of stands selling raw food, but not many street food ones, and I didn't want to start lunch with a waffle. So in a cafe/bar/sandwich shop in a nearby building. Steak tartar in a bun for €4. Just raw beef with some vegetables and cold butter, not like the spicey juicy stuff I can make. Oh well, it's token real food, now I can get street waffles anf fresh OJ.

Which, btw, is sinasapplesap. Apple juice is applesap.

There's a place selling fries in a waffle cone. I want to say "American food, you're doing it wrong!"

Just bought a wild boar sausage, "dry, so ready to eat". I'll save it for the plane.

Chicken wings. Birdshit on backpack. Thought about strawberries, which looked nice and red, but white flesh beneath the leaves and can October be a good bet? Fresh OJ good, not ecstatic. Waffle with both dark -- well, I asked for dark, it looked somewhat milky on the waffle -- and white chocolate, pretty good. Served with moist towelette.

There's a restaurant called Thai Deum. I'm trying to figure out if it's a bilingual pun somehow.

Oh hey, it's after 7 already. I'll pass on vague laundry plans. I LOVE SKYPE. It's like my old Bigzoo calling #s, only better because I can use it from abroad. I just gave my storage places more money by phone, then called S in Chile and shocked her because usually only G talks English on the local line, everyone else uses some US gateway. But it hardly matters for me.

Still haven't used the video mode of it.

Whoah, Bton is back up to the 80s?

Hey, German rail strikes tomorrow. Flying to Spain seems like a serendipitous choice.

I see Boston is geekiest in the winter/spring, spaced out rather regularly. Arisia, Boskone, Vericon, Anime Boston; one a month starting in mid January. Vericon used to be early January but the Harvard school year changed or something. If I want to stay somewhere foreign for a while then settle in Boston and seek out my tribes, going to Chile soon then Boston in January seems like a forced move.

And you know, I've been ignoring it, but the exchange rate is horrible for travelling. Pound is the pound but $1.40 per euro is ouch.

Dinner in a Suriname-Chinese restaurant, ordering roast pork with ketjap sauce, and trying to ignore CSI with Dutch subtitles. Oh god this is a lot of food for €8... Or I've been eating at expensive restaurants.

Good food though.

Oh god. 9 flight. Boarding closes at 8:30. I figured arrive 7:30. But the concierge recommends a 6:50 taxi, getting there in 20-30 minutes. So for me, getting up at 5:45... Tomorrow will suck. Maybe an airport hotel wouldn't have been a bad idea -- but then, my jeans probably wouldn't be fixed.


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Oct. 25th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
It's been super-warm in the midwest lately. Pleasant, but not doing wonders for my productivity.
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