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Those little atriums

Heh, right as I plan to leave the hotel, I remember one of its little cultural architectural quirks, which I first saw in Chile. Little open areas entirely enclosed in a building, like Lesotho. But you don't walk out into it, at least easily; it's just some plant or fountain surrounded by glass or walls. So you walk down an interior hallway and to your left you see a plant in sunlight, backed by your own walls.


Of course it would start raining just as I transfer.

New place, near Puerta de Toledo, still central but southwest. Seems good and nice people. Local hostess, English girl, and older woman. Host's sister and niece were visiting, niece dressed up for Halloween, which her mother claims is like 3-5 years old for the Spanish. All Saints' Day, now that's a holy day.

Alimentacion: sort of like convenience stores but geared more toward sweets and jank food. I did find baguettes in one. Got fruit at a fruteria though the carrots were scary. So were the bagged carrots at the supermarket. 24 hour pharmacies are common. "Helados Italiananos" or whatever it was called wasn't that good. There's some program to el EU students study or work in another city; English girl is an English lit major working here, her German friend is studying business here.
God bless WEP, that my broken Linux can handle.

The plane flight may have made me think "it's LA again!" With regard to climatogeology, as mentioned, but I haven't had that feeling since. There's almost certainly some overlap but I never saw much of those parts of LA. A bit with downtown La Serena. But nothing like the low pastel buildings that really struck me as similar between the more Hispanic parts of LA and La Serena (though the palettes were different).

Hmm, noisier here than the hotel.


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