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Saturday part uno

30 October
Yeah, I'm out of clever titles. Slept fairly well, but after the night before I'm just marking time as still tired. Gray and cold out there. Right now I feel very unadventuresome and want to go home. Or have a home. Or a surrogate thereof.

I mentioned yesterday feeling full. Learning more Spanish probably hels too. I haven't made tie to formally study grammar but my written vocabulary has certainly been increasing. Brain activity!

Host started some laundry for me; I don't know if it'll dry well, my hotelhad the advantage of 5th story heat accumulaton and a west window with sun, but I've got to Tuesday.

Host showed me a "pumpkin", what the US would call butternut squash. Wikipedia says pumpkin for winter squash is Brit/Australian English.

Del dia: green beans, salmon (bony), bread, and coffee. And wine. I said yes to vino de casera imagining a glass and got a whole bottle, which I've been too intimidated to try to open. Seems like a waste given my tastes. And if a €10 meal includes a free bottle of wine, and salmon... Dang, stuff is cheap. Host was surprised at my getting a brand new bottle but not at getting a bottle instead of a glass.

I have a full set with the bread again: oil, vinegar, salt, like yesterday's lunch. Host has many spices but no black pepper. Spain doesn't do pepper?

Started looking at Chile tickets. I'd assumued non-stop Madrid to Santiago would be easy. Nope, $5000. $4000 3 weeks in advance. Maybe you need an expensive plane for that distance non-stop. Cheapest flight is Swiss through Brazil 3 weeks from now; hanging around here would wipe out the savings. Next cheapest is Tuesday, but involves Madrid to Cali Colombia to Bogota Colombia to Santiago, and such extra transfers make me nervous. After that it doesn't much matter, Madrid to Bogota to Santiago apart from how long I have to wait in Santiago for the plane to La Serena.

Once again Orbitz fees are odd. Swiss is $900 list but +$400 in taxes and fees. Others are $1700 say but +$40 in taxes.

I finally walked by a Vodafone store. I could finally get a SIM card! For 3 days? Mind, it'd be nice to be able to look up Spanish on my phone.

Nap sounds good now.


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