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Walking to Prado. Stopped for del dia at some bar called La Diavoletta and Halloween themed. Jamon and cheese empanada, canellones that seemed just like lasagna, and apple+raisins empanada.

Prado, line, left, nearby Thyssen museum, line, left.

Weird tinsel costume in Plaza Mayor some days ago. Blue skinned King Neptune sitting near Prado today. Spiderman in same plaza as tinsel, along with 3 heads in a table.
Magic trick on last night's train. Costumed kids in a square of people in the plaza -- oh right, the date.
General feelings of annoyance and rootlessness. Somewhat eased by stumbling into a tiny garden/park. Guess friends or plants are more needed than paintings or architecture.

Oh, my laundry dried pretty well overnight on a rack, even in my cool room with damp rain outside. Go Madrid air.


speaking of friends, plane shopping time! Good price to Chile Wednesday. Half that to SF the same day. Woo, diversion! Wait, it vanished from Orbitz. But I found it on Swissair. But my card got denied again. Called... and seem to be waiting on the Ticket Office to try again. *twitch* and if I do get it, it's a flight to Zurich, with one hour to change to the US flight. Blake is skeptical that I'll make it. Well, I'll get to see Switzerland from the air.

Ticket Office doesn't open till 8 am, so I won't find out till tomorrow. Why can't I just try it again myself? Sheesh.

Night walk, away from the city center. More modern buildings, a river or canal, some little kids in costume on the sidewalk, at 10pm Sunday night and no adult immediately visible. === Found bananas in an alimentacion. Also stuff on the shelf claiming to be orange juice. I have doubts about the purity. Or perhaps just the vitamin C remaining after enough heat to not go bad at room temperature.


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Nov. 1st, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
Plants and friends always help. Particularly plants :)

Good luck with the flights to Chile!
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