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Bad start

Good thing I don't believe in omens.
"The butter is too hard, let's try microwaving it in its container. Oh, the box has foil in it, now it's caught fire. Oh good, I can blow it out. But it's smokey now, let's open the porch door. Hmm, I can't. Let's turn on the stove air vent. Oops, that was the release catch, not the on switch, and the grill fell down and broke a plate..."

Though I had better luck earlier. I'd stepped out, and ran into the doorman. I've been concerned about how to leave tomorrow morning, given that you seem to need a key to get out of the building -- which seems like a massive fire hazard. Anyway, how to leave my key and leave if no one else is up? If I'd had time I could have planned out a grammatical question but as it was I forget much of what little I know, like puedo (I can) or sin (without), and ended up waving my key while going salida (exit), manyana (morning, or tomorrow), seis (six) pointing at my watch. This did produce an answer: he showed me that the mail slots are big enough to drop keys into, so I can open the door, prop it open with my copious luggage, drop keys off, and escape.

Assuming I don't just relocate to an airport hotel, which is tempting for getting up an hour later.

Had vague plans to take a high speed train (30 minutes) to Segovia or Toledo, am thinking that won't happen. Another night of 5.5 hours of sleep followed by not falling back to sleep, plus wanting to print out my boarding passes -- though at least I got better seats online, if I don't make my connection it won't be for lack of being upfront in the first one -- and seek my American SIM card.


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