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Accidental activation of Web and Youtube killed my Vodafone credit. No email for Blake; oh well, he'd been told that no news was probably good news. I'm told 1600 swiss Francs for an upgrade, in cash. Wait, I don't know what the exchange rate is... Neighbor went and moved, so I've got a central aisle seat with an empty neighbor, though guy in front will be in my face soon. (Edit: I was wrong about that) 12 hour flight. There are metal things beneath the seat in front, so I can't put my backpack there. Empty seat next to me, so I can put it there!

I forgot to mention that the safety card had been in English only, despite being printed for Swiss Air. True on this plane too.

Descent on the previous plane: Switzerland looked like California's basin and range province, or Death Valley, though greener; flat green fields surrounded by sudden hills.

I'm told a franc is basically a dollar. So yeah, definitely no seat upgrade this time.

Can't turn screen off, but it has a down camera option. Clouds are a bit less boring than a menu guide.

Was offered salt and pepper with my tomato juice. Declined, but hmm. Seems less salty than usual, though still salty.

Lunch choices: beef stew with mashed potatoes and broccoli, or penne with eggplant fricasee. Normally I'd put more faith in the penne but I consider eggplant a risk. We got snacks earlier, little bag of pretzels and goldfish. I'm saving it for desperation.

Hmm, not bad! The broccoli in particular was cooked yet still crunchy or crisp, much better than the overboiled stuff you'd usually get in a cafeteria or England. The stew wasn't anything special but not repulsive. Metal utensils, like LAN. Other people had tiny bottles of wine, not sure if that was free with the meal, like LAN.

A 26 episode anime series can be watched in 9 hours. This wouldn't fill the flight. Odd thought, that. Not that my battery would last so long, though I can recharge from the eee.

18:00. No idea where we are, but been seeing ridges beneath us. Greenland mountains? Oh yeah, there's a flight info channel. Yup, just started in on Greenland. Arc down north and west of Hudson Bay to fall on SF from the north. Great circles are weird to the Mercator-raised mind.

Now I just see blue. Glacier from above I guess.

Man, Yuu is such a woobie. "I'll sulk on the train while Haruka goes flying." Funy how Noein veers between DOOM! And practially slapstick humor. Hmm, like Scrapped Princess and Hodgell.

West edge of Greenland. Ice and redness. Vulcanism? Sun? Lava would be more fun but seems unlikely there, also a lot of it.

The haircut I got in Glasgow hasn't grown out at all well. I think I get better long term results from cutting my own hair.

19:00, tiny sandwiches, cheese or sausage. I took sausage, more like a thick but of balogna or mortadella. No lettuce with it? :(

Continuing to watch Noein on the phone while it recharges from the eee definitely seems like the way to go, battery-wise.

View below: clouds.

Horrible number of typos from my thumb-typing. I proofread this, but makes me fear what some of my earlier travel posts have been like.

Oh hey, I think that guy causing trouble at security is on this plane. Yeah, I'm feeling a touch of paranoia.

Once again my industrial earmuffs are being a high-value $15 purchase. Unlike earplugs they can go over my earbuds, making it a lot easier to hear stuff, though the combination is uncomfortable on the ears. Yes, I know they make budplugs, but I don't own any.


I'm arriving at 1am body time. Napping on the plane would have been really useful. I tried. Stupid body.

74 F at SFO in November, wow. I think that's the warmest I've been since leaving Cleveland.

The use of cell phones is forbidden before passing immigration? WTF?

Have to go through immigration even if you're passing through! We really hate foreigners, don't we?


Months of travel and going through Amsterdam and declaring no purchases (I forgot a bit of jewelry) and acting "nervous" got me marked for a full baggage search, but of course they didn't find anything. California admitted my camembert. Bonus: you pretty much fall into BART from there, vs. the AirTrain I had to take last year.

Blake and I seek to be on the same train. Slightly stymied by the lack of cell or wifi in the tunnels. Gee, it's the Bay Area, no internet for BART?

Back on ATT for cell phone. 2.5 GSM, I forget if my prepaid qualifies for 3G. Seems odd if they don't have 3G coverage here in Daly City.

At blake's. Sooo tired.

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