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Cheap dates

I got to be social already! My old manager from Cogit was working at home nearby, so we met by Rockridge Bart and we went for coffee. Hadn't seen him in 8-10 years, fun catching up, plus he paid for a really good iced mocha.

Then I figured I'd make a pilgrimage to Dark Carnival, the good SF/horror bookstore in Berkeley. Everyone hears about Other Change of Hobbit, because it's downtown, vs. buried on Claremont near Oakland, but Dark Carnival has a far better inventory. Happily, it was still there. I went "Yay!" The cashier guy seemed unimpressed and unwilling to talk much. I got a book for a friend I hope to meet, so I could support them without acquiring horrible extra mass; they didn't have King's Peace, so I got Sunshine.

On the way over I'd noticed a middle school I don't remember, thought I probably just never noticed it, and that Albertson's or Andronico's seems replaced by Trader Joe's. On the way back I stopped by a bakery, tried their Swedish orange rye bread, rejected it, and went to TJ. Medjool dates for $3.49 A POUND!!! Pistachio nutmeats for $10/pound, which is way more than the $4/pound they used to have. Didn't think to check whole wheat pasta.

Popped into the Rockridge branch of the Oakland library. Nice architecture. But they're closed Sunday and Monday, and random days. Go go California budget cuts. I'm serious when I say that part of the reason I want to go to Massachusetts is that they deserve my tax dollars far more.

Problem with re-watching lots of AMVs on the plane is now I have half a dozen earworms fighting in my brain.

I'm not used to suddenly being 3 hours behind Bloomington and webcomic updates, rather than 5 hours ahead.

Guess I should lie down before dinner. Only got 5 hours of sleep, despite my best efforts.


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