Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Happy and sad

Stayed in yesterday until meeting old college friend Jane for dinner and four hours. Happiness! But private.

Today B&R took me to the Ferry Building farmers market. I found dates and broke my heart. Bunch of varieties but no honey dates, and medjool for $8 per pound instead of $3. I think I want the other farmers market, less touristy. $3.50 for a single pomegranate here. Possibly good, but...

Bought odd dates and dried fruit at Rainbow Groceries, then we had lunch with the Techer formerly known as Pick One and his gf, at El Metate. Good taco pork al pastor, I have had better fish tacos. Great water, I wonder if that was just SF's glacial supply. Caltech conversation mugging ensued, as it tends to do with 3 or more of us. R is so adapted and assimilated that she asked Jane what House she was in, when I brought Jane home for a bit last night.

Was too late for efficient attendance of the Asian Art museum, but I got off downtown, ended up doing some shopping; I'll now have some defence against a trip into the Andes, or Boston in January. Radio Shack still doesn't have power converters for Chile, though.

Oakland port has huge quadupedal cranes. I compared them to skeletal brontosaurs, B&R to At-ats from Star Wars. It is apt.

Hmm, still have cell signal in underground BART in downtown SF and Oakland, unlike near the airport.


Dinner, discussion of college, cooking, and chocolate. It's really fun hanging out and talking with friends, vs. the isolation of individual travel. Once again my basic Epicureanism, and extroversion with respect to the right people, are attested to.
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