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Chilean foods

Huh, must be a meteor night, going by the LJ banner. Ah, Leonids tonight or tomorrow night. Hmm, sleep or go outside? Oh, there's a security system, no going outside after hosts go to bed. *turns light out* Also, lots of cloud cover.

S took me to Jumbo, a supermarket++ in town. I couldn't find a hat I wanted there. I did find like half a dozen varieties of lettuce, or things called lechuga anyway. I got a couple, one similar to a conventional green-red leaf, one like a small extra crinkly and also extra bitter red leaf. Had them with basil, cherry tomatoes, carrots -- the ones here are shorter, squatter, and sweeter than the ones I'm used to -- and the usual dressing, for my first straight salad in quite a while. I'd looked for sorrel in the market, since R introduced me in SF, but S laughed that possibility off. Jumbo also had a a whole aisle of pasta, with lots of varieties, various spinach pastas, and flavored ones with herbs or oil built in. I was tempted by the dill one -- yes, I'd looked up the Spanish for dill -- but remembered we had some at home so that was silly. Bread selection -- this is why I'd looked up dill -- was eh, though I deliberately got a curry bread and accidentally got a spicey (sort of) bread. I wasn't impressed by the texture of either, though I note I've eaten a fair bit of the curry bread. Makes me think I'm living in Yakitake. "Azuma Kasuma presents Ja-Pan #17, curry bread!"

The cheese cooler wasn't very impressive, apart from being 1/3 Gouda. S was prompted to mention G's French co-workers, who were introduced to cheddar cheese and viewed it as building material.

I forgot to tell S this, but S' age 4.5 knows what "basking in the sun" means. Or at least applies it to people lying down on towels; as I was just sitting on the patio, my claim to be doing it was disputed. I tried to tell her about lizards on rocks. Anyway, I'm impressed at the phrasal vocabulary there. G' has been impressive too but is 7, the daughter of two verbally fluent Techers, and reads a lot, so I'm starting to take it for granted. After all when I was her age I was 6 months away from reading Moby Dick and had read much of Malory, so really she's just performing at par. :p Of course, I didn't know three languages.


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Nov. 17th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Hey, my son uses "basking" correctly too. Last weekend at the zoo "What is that?" "A Komodo dragon." "Is it basking in the sun?"

He got it from a book about turtles (and reinforced when talking about the neighbors cat and backyard lizards) - which is why I really stress read-alouds for kids. "The Read-Aloud Handbook" suggests that even children's books use a greater variety of words than you encounter in ordinary daily conversation.
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