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more Chile, mostly food

Baby M claps her hands to Steeleye Span's Cam Ye O'er Frae France, and seems to like Silly Wizard's Donald McGillivry (sp). S' likes Meg Davis's Monster's Lullaby, which I first discovered from her mother. G' is still reading the Hobbit.

Food is sort of on Spanish schedule here. The rest of the family has breakfast, big lunch (cooked by the maid during the week) at 14 at least for the home crowd, and dinner 6-8. I tend more to have my first meal be the big lunch, with a third meal at 10-midnight. The Deutschule goes from 8 to 13:45, whereas the same ages in Chicago got 9-14:45 (and high school 8-14:45, IIRC.)

My best wishes to any Americans trying to fly tomorrow.

I'm trying to make my meat sauce in S's crockpot, though I didn't thaw the meat in time, and I'm light on the spiciness given local preferences.

S had me try some late-season white Moscatel wine with sweet grapes. I don't positively like it, but I do like it more than typical dry reds. I also had a loquat, common garden fruit here; more seed than fruit so not a big commercial fruit. Artichokes are 8 for a mil from a guy on the way to school, so we're having a lot. That's like a quarter each. Apricots are really good now.

*I'm* making myself big salads everyday, so getting a lot of lettuce at least. Will have to go out for more, since I slept through this morning's shopping trip. I hope my shins will have recovered from yesterday morning's exercises.

I was told last trip that OJ is rare here. We currently have an endless supply of clementines so I don't care. Milk is typically hyper-sterilized and sold at room temperature, though kept in the fridge once opened. I'm not sure if it tastes any worse than normal US milk. You can't buy hazelnuts or brazilnuts here, but they have something of their own they call hazelnuts, smaller than true filberts. Sadly, I wasn't too impressed by the taste.

Oh yeah! Remember me going on about the walls and fences and Mediterranean architecture? I'm told the ubiquity of the walls is actually a development of the past 10-20 years, due to high crime rates as La Serena's population explodes. The fact that visible first-story windows typically have bars on them seems to support this. :-(


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Nov. 24th, 2010 07:47 am (UTC)
Nothing to add except that I'm pretty sure one of the fruit trees in my backyard is loquat (it was fruiting back in June when we first looked to buy but I wasn't paying attention then). I'm eager to try it.

I have 3 orange trees and a plum as well and the quality off them is so far way better than store bought.
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