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More update

18 days since the last one. Not that I've heard much from people stateside!

That dinner party I mentioned was okay. Was an English Speakers Association event. Lots of strangers, and loud. Partly a tasting of Chilean wines, with small portions of food with each wine. And Saturday we went to a day party for the workers at the observatory, again of mild interest to me, though I had a nice walk outside the play area, and saw a couple of horses.

I didn't get chicken pox. The older kids recovered, but now the 20 month old has it.

We've played a bunch of Rail games. I just won Australian Rails! Nice minimalist track along the south, and the cards to make use of it, especially taking nickel to Cook for a 246 total, and then drawing fish to Cook for 10 when I was already built to Port Lincoln. Two more turns, and victory! G wasn't far behind, unlike the previous games of Lunar and Martian Rails, which were S > me >> G, as he got bad luck or made poor choices. I guess we're actually mixing up the victory orders pretty well.

I finally finished the Baroque Trilogy... a week ago, in fact! It even had a decent ending, at least by Stephenson standards. A bit rushed (after 1800 pages!) but some actual closure. Was it fun? Yes. Do I want to re-read any time soon? Hell no.

I've re-read Order of the Stick books, noting some art details I hadn't, like some of the jokes when Roy is interviewing in Origin of PCs, and how the army moves in the battle for Azure City.

I started Henry James' _The Bostonians_, since I'm going to Boston. The edition introduction made me think I wouldn't enjoy finishing it -- unpleasant people being unpleasant to each other -- but the first part is supposed to be a nice social portrait.

I'd started re-reading Sunshine, specifically to take notes about it, but haven't gotten far yet. Distracted by RPG reading, politics news, RPG thoughts, games.

I introduced G' to the joys of black pepper, which she now applies as well as salt to her pepinos, cucumber slices.
S' no longer microwaves her pasta, because G' doesn't, because G' is too impatient or something. I've tried to encourage S' to be her own girl, not just imitate her older sister, but no success.

I made more sets out of my Flickr photos, so there's some more order. Still a lot to do with the 1400 or something photos.

Have made my first sun tea. 3 or 4 green or white tea bags in a mason jar, on the ledge in my bedroom that's both north and west facing -- recall north is solar down here -- and backed by curtains, so it's basically a little greenhouse. It's come out decently, usually a bit more bitter than ideal but it's hard to get my ideal.

I found a metal bar outside that's find for trying pull-ups on. I used to be able to do some, but that was like 40 pounds ago. I've been exercising a bit more regularly, patio jogs, slow squats, push-ups, and some sit-ups, plus single-leg balance, leaving my calves persistently sore, probably from the barefoot patio jogs.


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Dec. 24th, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
anna-chan desu~
yay exercise!

Saw the Chilean vineyards on Google today and thought of you~ Then saw your post about the TSA on facebook. Hopping on a flight to Florida tomorrow, joy. Actually it's kinda sad because Poppa just had yet another seizure, so we'll be starting our holiday visit by seeing him in the hospital.

survived my first semester teaching. it has to be at least remotely easier now because I start over my English class and have a bunch of materials made!

well, due early to the airport tomorrow, let me say, "Merry Christmas Damien!" And "Best wishes for 2011!" <3
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