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Harvard fffuuuud

Grocery shopping around Harvard Square reeeaaally sucks. Mass Food was finally open but turned out to just be a crappy corner store. The stuff west of the square that Google Maps indicated didn't materialize, though I was directed to a The Market. Told it was overpriced, which I couldn't verify since this 24 hour store is closed for four days.

Checked two CVS, no produce. 7-11, minimal.

Further north on Massachusetts Avenue stuff starts popping up. Right next to a CVS was a corner store with bananas 60 cents each. 5-10 minutes further, you get them for 79 cents a bound and boxed salad. And then something like a full market, with fruit and vegetables and raw meat. Silly prices, like 89 cent/pound bananas, and $6/pound for chicken. But at least stuff is available. Another convenience store across the street.

Lots of bookstores and cafes and au bon pains and restaurants. Nowhere to buy food. Yes, Harvard is expensive. So is South Kensington and I had better luck there...

People at the New Year's party said this is actually a ubiquitous problem in Boston, with e.g. nothing in the South End. Wtf. From here, true, one can bus directly to Trader Joe's, or train to Porter Square and its supermarket, but you're talking 20 minutes on the bus, or a fair chunk of that waiting for the train. Because I looked up headways, and the Red Line seems to go every 8-14 minutes. Someone seems unclear on the point of a subway.

I did find Whole Foods two days ago. The paper bag ripped as I got off the bus to the party. Frigging paper bags, you fail at being bags. And having to double them up seems to defeat their already dubious claim to environmental superiority.

The party itself was fun. Just 6 of us, the two hosts I knew plus three friends of theirs and a grouchy cat. Played Castle Panic, which is another cooperative game, Pandemic, and Bang! I kind of liked some Riesling, a sweet white wine, though it smelled like vomit if I sniffed. Managed to get home fine, thanks to the trains running late for New Year's.

I'm walking to Porter Square. Stopped at Super Fusion Sushi, $6 for 6 nigiri, and really long fish slices on the nigiri. $4 gyoza was alright, not as good as Bloomington. The markup on tea is really obvious when you pay $1 for a tea bag in a paper cup, no pot or presentation effort.

I have a hat and gloves, thanks to a Tibetan clothing store right by me. $20 hat I got for $15, $5 gloves wool no lining. $15 for fleece lined mitten-gloves, but I didn't want to pay that much without more research.

At least two comic stores, an anime themed store, no groceries. Frigging Harvard.

Found a Unitarian church. Not sure if it's UU or a holdout.

The first two places I ate out at here didn't bring change. $10 for an $8.90 bill, $23 for a $22.15 one. I was going to tip the change anyway for the first one but shouldn't they ask? And the second was takeout. The first did bring change when given a $20 for a similar bill.

Hey, I got a free refill of my tea. Not sure if it's a new bag but still.



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