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Back in March 2008, fanw directed me to a swing dance thing in Harvard when I was visiting. I went, and even dragged along a Caltech girl I'd met at an event. Here I am, staying by Harvard. It would have been really stupid not to go, if they were open. And they were, and I did go. Surprisingly big crowd, 65 people I was told. Lots of attractive followers who didn't seem to be undergrads. I got a bunch of good dances in, only feeling with one partnler like I was flubbing it, and got specifically complimented by another partner. I'm not sure what the compliment *was*, something about turning her well and not pulling her arm up? But good. Though with flub-girl I'd also apparently been pulling on her hand too hard, something swing-Christine in Bton has dinged me for. I still don't get what I'm doing wrong, or when, there.

I asked if people did things afterwards, and a few people were going to a nearby bar/pub, and I was invited to tag along. Nothing deep there, some gossip about people I don't know, and talk of swing events I don't know. One of them drives up from Providence, another is a new AI professor in New Hampshire. I had deviled eggs, which I haven't since my parents made them when I was a kid, and they were quite good, though getting 3 half-eggs is odd (where'd the other half go?) and was $3. Tried some Wahusetts blueberry beer. Didn't like it, I'll stick to cider.

I got a T map at Porter Square, and I owe the Red Line a partial apology. The 13 minute headway seems to be for each of the two lines leaving Alewife. For the majority of the line north of the fork, it'd be more like 6.5 minutes on average, somewhat more civilized. I noted commuter rail going down to Providence, which is cool. OTOH, the bus headways are ridiculous, a few half-decent ones but lots of them being every 30, or 60, or 70 minutes. Oddly, some seem longer during the day than at night.

Sunday evening I went to some weekly pub meet of Chris and Mad (the previous party hosts) and friends and other "cool people", I guess. Two from the FSF, and later another free software (not open source) guy, who'd moved from San Francisco in September. I asked about his contrast impressions, and he said the buses here seem more classist. I pointed out that most of San Francisco doesn't have decent trains, and the buses here suck; I got asked why the buses suck. Touché.

Mad had a punch of little magnetic balls from Thinkgeek, very addictive to play with. I'm thinking of getting some to make a replacement bracelet with, since my ID chain broke, since I think they'd work, and be so playable with. Is there a drawback to magnetic jewelry?

There's a lot of swing dancing in the Boston area. Almost none of it is actually in Boston: Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Arlington, Brookline, Medford. I feel like I meant to move to San Francisco but ended up in Berkeley. There's even a body of water in between. OTOH, it's a lot cheaper and faster to get across.

I seem to be the only person in the world moving to Massachusetts for the health insurance. o_O I mentioned it tonight, and got "yeah, you have to get insurance." "But they have to give it to you!" "It's expensive." "But you can get it, at standard rates!" "I guess."

Last night I walked past Porter to Davis Square, and back, to shop at Shaw's supermarket ("Shas" in someone's accent.) Passed more food places, though organic and expensive. Various restaurants and things, though no density comparable to Harvard Square. Took the T back after shopping. I realize I haven't actually been back in Boston itself yet, just up here, or bussed over to Brookline.



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