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Boston notes

I have found more grocery places. Not good ones, the one across the street is 50 cents per banana and $6 for the smallest detergent, but it is possible to get stuff quickly.
Shaw's isn't that cheap, I realize. $4/lb for peanuts? No.

I'm at T-Mobile finally trying to get an account. The lady has yo call the credit department, and has said "consumer credit; I don't have it" twice. Corporate phone mazes within the system!

Restaurants tend to be pricey, like $8 burgers or $10 sandwiches. But I found a cheap and good falafel and shawarma place, and a Spanish cafe that looks promising. And a Chinese one, Yenching, has been good. 30 cents for a pot of green tea!

Harvard Square has a zillion cafes -- apparently not enough, because I've never seen an open table. Well, apart from the Spanish one, buried in a go bankrupt location.

T-Mobile just failed to validate my credit identity, asking a bunch of if questions like what boat I'd owned or when I'd purchased property. The only appropriate question was an Oakland address I had for a month. ANGER.

There are 3 comic stores within a block of each other. One lame and mostly music and merchandise, two bigger, one of which is more crowded and seedy feeling -- possibly the biggest one. I'm caught up on Buffy S8.

Visited Tokyo Kid, an anime merchandise store, some manga and anime, bunch of figurines, and body pillows. One of those was from Black Butler, something for the ladies. There's a Kofuku gift shop as well, more cutesy Japanese stuff, especially Ghibli stuff, but also mousepads with boob wristrests.

Man, they're being slow.

Overheard odd phone conversations in the chinese restaurant. A Jew explaining to his future wife that he was Jewish and believed in God but not Jesus. She seems to go to church a lot.

Got my T-Mobile, on Flexpay due to the credit failure. "If you're good for 6 months or a year they might put you on a list for normal accounts." Phone calls need to me made. Supposedly 4G, though my phone switchs between indicating 3G nd 3.5G, mostly the former. 5Mb download, 1 up, on http://www.speedtest.net. Way more expensive than T-Mobile prepaid in UK.

Phone works, I called lyceum to test. I think I still want to transfer my ATT#, sunce everyone has it. Though there's getting an Indiana area code... Fanw is still running around with her Atlanta one, from just one year.

Lyceum: "You'll never guess where we are!"
me: "Where?" *Boston? They should have told me*
L: "Chicago!"
me: "...you go there all the time."

Massachusetts has done something about gaming health care reform: instead of signing up every month, there are now two 6 week enrollment periods, unless you've had continuous coverage or other exceptions. I'm in one and have coverage, so should be good. Rates on the more expensive plans are steep, total range is $253/mo to $658/mo, though at the low end you could pay another $5000/year out of pocket if you needed a lot. But apparently the top two rated HMOs in the whole country are here, as is #8; there's another high rank one, but only in western Massachusetts.



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Jan. 8th, 2011 04:28 am (UTC)
Today I learned there's a Buffy Season 8 comic book.
Jan. 8th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)
Boy are you behind! Yep, issue 40 should come out in a few weeks I think, and they've had hiccups, so it's been going for a few years now. Also a season six of Angel. They're being collected as is common these days, but there's also a CD or DVD of Buffy S8 as a "motion comic". You can find trailers on Youtube. It's DoNotWant for me
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