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Jan 11-12

Yesterday I ate some new Mexican Gumbo at Qdoba, not bad, then rode Orange down to the end, Forest Hills, to walk back up through Jamaica Plain. Center street, Green street, along the stacks, east from Stony Brook to some Spanish area, up Columbus to Jackson Square. Early impression: architecture like where I grew up. A Harvest Co-op Foods as overpriced as the one in Harvard. No bars on windows, or locked fences, though the businesses often have metal roll-down barriers. Nice shopping at Center south of Green, but nothing on Green. In fact those Orange Line stops seem to repel development rather than stimulate it, until Jackson Square, which has a Stop and Shop supermarket not far away. I popped into a Spanish restaurant, grabbed their menu, was given a free savory pastry.

Do I want to live there? Doable, not top choice. There might be attractive areas I missed by following the tracks, since everything was 5-7 minutes away in parallel.

Was meating Chris and Mad and B for dinner in Coolidge Corner, was going to take Orange to Green line, realized they don't connect directly until north of downtown. Could walk from Chinatown to Boylston, but still, it's east-then-west. Figured I'd ride up to Roxbury Crossing and take the 66 crosstown bus... had to wait 15 minutes, for two buses at once; at least they leapfrogged.

Brookline, now that's a nice area. I got to check out Trader Joe's after dinner, and access to one is a new criteria. I used to just use them to supplement other shopping, but here they're like the only reasonable place to go. There's more than I'd thought there were, though all in pricey neighborhoods, odd given their prices.

Today was the big blizzard, which didn't bypass Boston like the one just prior to my traveling. I just stayed in and let it blow over; had food, didn't lose power. Oh, and I got to call T-Mobile again about transferring my number, 3 days after the initial request. It *finally* went through, so y'all can keep my old number. Skype came in handy in letting me test my phone from my computer. I also read the Ten Doctors Doctor Who fanfic webcomic, from start to finish. Nice!

Arisia starts Friday evening and runs through Monday! Hmm, must remember to try to find the *next* lodgings. Moving tomorrow to Davis Square, for a week.



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Jan. 14th, 2011 03:41 am (UTC)
I'm a big fan of that gumbo. It's one of my go-to meals when I don't feel like cooking.
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