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Arisia day 2; filk and femnisim

Panel on Fantastic Women, female characters in the genre we like, or whom the all-female panel likes. Started off slow for me, but got fun. Roles of beauty, competence, not fitting in boxes.


Panel on "the future is unevenly distributed". Started off with actual third world or lower class stuff, solar charged cell phone banking, Nollywood, online job applications stymying an experienced warehouse workers. But segued into generation gaps, different uses of social technology, and dealing with interruptions. I noted this panel and audience interrupted each other far more than the previous, panelists talking over each other, one audience member who kept saying how things didn't apply to him. Panel was 4 white men and a black woman from Smith.

Royal Mail used to deliver 6-12 times a day. Nigeria has developed huge movie industry. Mark Amidon courted his chef wife via email back when email was far more restricted, researchers came to ask her why she had email, might have started social email research.

No talk of why the future is uneven, and what we could do about it. Of course that would be far more political, yet talking about the issue without feels hollow.

Solitaire introduced with Windows to teach people how to use a mouse via a game they already knew.

How interfaces get thrown together ignorant of HCI research.

JamesRage: Neal Stephenson got recced as "writing it right", but also The Windup Girl. Also Geoff Ryman's Air.


How to draw manga workshop. One person thrown into it, who got sidetracked into technical stuff like pens and inks. i managed to copy a couple of figures from the program, then I decided I should move on, being too unskilled to benefit from what she was talking about. Participants leaned female and young. Moved to an old anime panels. Very male all over. Panelist claims Speed Racer was better than Bugs Bunny. Yamato aliens have red white and blue ships and are nuking Earth.

Left from that for sea shanty singalong. That was huge and fun. Funniest filk smaller. First song TMI by Kevin Bacon.
"ban dihydrogen monoxide" ttto Battle-Hymn of the Republic.
"i'm writing a three chord song"
"math prof rock star" written for someone's wedding.

Funniest songs wasn't that funny, flitted over to a Torchwood panel. There's a fourth season? uS funding and worldwide shooting. Miracle Day. http://brusimm.com/2011/01/08/torchwood-miracle-day-fourth-season-plot-twist-spoilers/ Room is skeptical of a "US torchwood", though the premise in the link seems pretty orthogonal to the old model. i think one of the panelists is dressed like Gwen.


Con Suite. Tasty meatballs and fruit. Didn't feel like staying and taking a social gamble, with the Heroine's Journey and Filk 101 competing for attention. Former is bascially "what story changes happen from having a female instead of male protagonist?" Came late, but I' picking up "more often putting a group together to put things right", something about dowry and old property laws, stories ending at 13 or 14, something I didn't catch about animals-as-people. There's a sign language interpreter, I haven't seen that before, here. The Psyche myth. "How much can she suffer to get the guy?" (Me: also see Janet of Tam Lin) I cynically think that she wouldn't have gotten in trouble if she'd listened to her husband. Fairy tale model of girl as heroine found useful by abuse survivors.

I think someone has a fountain pen as a hairpin.

Talk of girls who act like guys. I wonder what that means, or if it involves accepting male-as-default. Ellen Kushner talking about her book Swordspoint, and how girls in stories always seem happy to dress up as boys and "be free", and finding the jockstrap as male clothing a girl would go "eww" to. Realizing she was writing a great femnisit novel for 1814, but women finding it liberating anyway.

Female heroine has to go further outside society than male ones to be heroic, may form a new society rather than returning... I'm just transcribing. One obscure example given.


Filk 101. Circle procedural stuff. There's purely instrumental filk. Example: the Imperial Polka. Yes, that's the Imperial March of Star Wars as a polka.


Selkies. Seals have binocular vision, are curious, so easy to anthropomorphize. Some traditions have them as souls of the drowned; one (not named) has them as the people who were drowned in the biblical Deluge. Wikipedia links selkie brides to swan maiden myths, at least in form. The husband never burns or buries the skin. Very few folk stories where the selkie dies on land, thehy almost always go back to sea.

Jumping into Japanese Ghost Stories, currently talking about Japanese rituals and religion. Christian wedding, Buddhist funerals. Audience member asks if, given that Buddhism came late to Japan, is there a belief in old spirits who weren't properly handled and thus are ghosts or demons? Japan still has signs warning about kappa in some waters. Shinigami are supposedly a Western import, Wikipedia says during the Meiji period, based on an Italian opera based on a Grimm fairy tale.

Filk. Recitation: "Have you got any news of the iceberg? My family was on it, you see." A polar bear's view of the Titanic.
"Acts of destruction", parody of "Acts of creation". Or maybe axe of destruction.
"I'm dreaming of a dead city."

Anime Hell... but they're playing some original thing full of brand references, with Ronald McDonald crook and Michelin cops. Followed by other weird things, sometimes anime connected. i didn't get a lot of it.



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Jan. 17th, 2011 06:49 am (UTC)
"It's so realistic! They feed elephants to squeeze springs!"

Paraphrase quotes, not sarcasm quotes. Though I guess those would work too, from a different source.

lj:februaryfour has different reasons for disliking it, as a Malaysian. I forget what.
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Jan. 17th, 2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
That sounds familiar.
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