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Arisia day 3 summary

Only 30 minutes back. This is why good transit has to be every 5 minutes or better; if you have to wait 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes for a transfer, that adds up.

Met a few cute girls tonight, none I felt up to asking for contact information from, even though that probably makes more sense at a con where you won't see people again easily. Most were from an SCA dance -- I popped my head in, and got shanghaied. I'd had panels to go to, but if a girl is dragging me off to dance I know my priorities. A later one was rather chatty. Later I went to get a ($16! frigging hotel, but good, burger) and started chatting with someone at the bar in costume. Though she doesn't read much (eye problem) and is gay.

SCA had a neat dance, pinwheel, sort of like Simons Says Musical Partners. Outer ring of partners moves forward and back on command, people without partners try to steal in. At one point I solved the problem by stepping into the star myself -- males were on the inside -- and waiting for a female to grab my free hand.

I kind of feel I should get into costuming, somewhat. Partly to fit in, partly so people are more likely to talk. I don't have any great sense of "I want to look like that" though.

Went to a panel Bujold-Paula was on, though I didn't introduce myself. (Had to leave early.) Went ot a bunch of interesting panels, due to my habit of weaving in and out; I think "how to run great games" was the only one I've sat through, and I was late for that one too. Don't feel like typing up panel descriptions now, though. 1am.
Didn't do as much filk as I'd expected. Panels! I did sing Galadriel's Lament, or Eldamar Song.

I bought a cheap box of Noein... then left it somewhere. Wasn't sure if I'd go back tomorrow, given when I get up vs. 3:30 closing, but if they report finding it I'll have to.



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