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Me vs. the cold

It's supposed to be 18 F at the moment, and not very windy. I went for a walk of over an hour. How'd I do?

Core body: fine. That $10 used coat I got in San Francisco seems up to the task. Mind you it's helped by my hoodie and I haven't tested whether it needs it, but the combo works well.

Fingers: surprisingly fine, given that all they had was unlined woolen gloves. I think those are doing better than my "modern" gloves with silk gloves inside that I've generally worn.

Toes: no complaints. Two woolen socks is a powerful combination; I've gotten through much of Bloomington winters in sandals and two socks, going to shoes only to avoid snow, or if it was really cold. I was wearing shoes tonight, there's lots of snow.

Legs: usually silent troopers but tonight the front of my thighs started signalling that they'd like a bit more protection to be comfortable.

Upper head: okay, could be better.

Face: ERGH THIS IS STARTING TO GET COLD CAN YOU GET FROSTBITE ON YOUR CHEEKS WHEN ALL ELSE IS WELL LETS DIVE INTO THE T STATION OH GOD I CAN FEEL THE COOLTH RADIATING FROM MY FLESH THATS NOT POSSIBLE. Rather red once I finally got home and to the bathroom. Still have feeling everywhere but urrgh. And that's with my glove over my face a fair bit of the time. And it's supposed to be really cold Sunday night, and Monday. I think I need a scarf again. Or one of those bank robber ski masks, haven't had one since childhood.

The good news is that I was Exploring. For just going places, I have little call to be outside for more than ten minutes at a time. Not that all of Boston is that close to a subway stop, far from it, but all the parts I need are.



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