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Boots, bandannas, and BBQ

A couple of days ago I went to a sporting goods store, EMS, to get boots and such. Yesterday was in the 30s, so the long underwear was useless. But the boots were a timely purchase, as deep puddles of slush were everywhere, and I could more confidently go through them. They're not even ideal boots, ankle high vs. thigh high, hard to tuck into, one European size too large though that might be good for slip-on and wearing extra socks. But better than my shoes.

I also found some cheap (for EMS; $4.50) bandannas I liked the patterns of, pseudo-tie dye, and decided to branch into bandannaland, consulting the web for how to put them on. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindstalk/5419302795/in/set-72157625608213998/ is an early attempt at a skullcap.

The boots took me to Red Bones, a BBQ place I'd been told about. Tasty. Lots of meat.

I've decided to look for a place to live for real. Craigslist is intimidating... we'll see if the rental agency can tempt me to shell out before I find a place on CL. I now recall that part of the appeal of an agency was "make this happen as quickly as possible", including being driven out to a bunch of places at once, vs. making several separate appointments.

I've also dived into Spanish study more. Following my book was making me restless, I've been doing straight vocabulary learning instead, also trying to do Japanese in parallel. Not because they're related at all, duh, but to keep my competencies in sync. Though with Japanese you really have triple the work: Japanese word, kanji, Chinese reading (onyomi) of the kanji in compounds (which my pocket dictionary doesn't even volunteer) so Spanish is pulling ahead. Anyway, noting gender patterns is interesting:

fork, knife: stabby things, masculine. spoon: curvy, feminine. Floor, ceiling: masculine. door, window: openings, feminine. Though interior walls are feminine, exterior masculine. So far most body parts are masculine, but face and leg are feminine. Foot is masculine.

I'm being motivated in part by http://thesteamerstrunk.blogspot.com/2011/01/february-is-great-language-learning.html some steampunk attempt to turn February into a language learning challenge month. I sent the url to a friend, then realized 10 second later that she's studying Japanese and is probably way past this point, as are most of my friends who are at least somewhat bilingual. It's monoglots like me who need it.

Flickr photos have been organized into more sets. Still not complete. Of course, now there's rumors Yahoo might close Flickr. Good thing I kept all the original photos.


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