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Gee, been a week.

Nothing too exciting. I've started looking for apartments, seeing a bunch courtesy of agents, and one rather nice looking one that's further away than I'd like. Also, further away than the guy said it'd be, which may be genuine error by a driver or indicative of heavy spin. Given that he also said the nearby street was full of buses that don't actually run very frequently... So there's that, very nice looking though with some peeling wallpaper and cracked ceiling plaster, 17 minutes from Porter Square and 14 from a supermarket; a nice place with great location but a kitchen with not much level surface; a couple places that might be cheap and good but don't have laundry in building and I'm a bit paranoid about noises in old houses, etc.

Neat use of Google Earth: using the ruler to get path lengths, which with a good watch combines to measuring travel speed. Good map and ruler would work too, of course.

A little educator's college nearby, Lesley University, has an unexpected and unexplained cluster of Japanese stuff in it. 7 restaurants, a couple of shops, a market that used to be there but got kicked out for a tiny university bookstore. 2 restaurants are decent cheap sushi, 2 more are more noodle/rice bowl stuff, Sapporo Ramen presumably is too, don't know about the other two.

Oh wait! On the 8th I did do more exploring, Red Line down to Quincy Center. Looked meh in the northeast, more lively to the south. I had some pricey sushi and heard what I'd swear is an Irish drinking melody -- original lyrics including "the mountain tea" -- with Asian singing. Not Japanese singing, unless I've gone nuts. Rode down further to Braintree, the terminus, but it was appalling, hard to get out of the station and just big box when I did.

*Still* haven't gone up the Blue Line.

One could ask why I'm bothering, I'm not even looking for housing in these places, accepting the lure of short transits in the northern Red Line area where social stuff and likely jobs are. But I feel a desire to go eyeball much of the city, or at least the convenient parts of the city. I got through a fair bit of SF in my 4 years there, vs. never really seeing vast swathes of Chicago.

Wandered into what turned out to be an expensive French-Cambodian restaurant. Decent, not worth the money. Though the chocolate cake-pie was really good.

I've vaguely IDed the location of but not visited Salvadoran, Brazilian, and Portuguese foods. Yes, we have a Portuguese cluster around here, in Inman Square, Union for Brazil.

Still studying Spanish a bit each day. Finished Durarara!, liked it. Watched the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, liked it, had already read the novel fanlation.



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