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I can has apartment

Got keys yesterday. Got stuff from Indiana today. My mover was surprised at the $2000 moving cost in 2002. It's possible there was another load in the truck splitting the cost -- even now, I take up half a 14-foot truck, never mind the big ones -- or that they were better at picking up some return load in the area to take back to SF. This guy got to come out with just my stuff and go back empty, said he'd be spending $1500 on gas. Which, hmm, leaves a pretty $1000 of non-gas costs or profit. Claimed I was getting a deal even so, often $3500 for a similar trip, maybe that's the big trucks.

It was just him -- 2002 had two people in the truck -- I helped with the light stuff, until he found some Hispanics hanging around and paid them to help, which got my 50 book boxes up a lot faster.

Place has no blinds or even curtain rod hooks, I get to figure out some sort of mini-blinds for privacy. And find my sheets and towels and stuff, and then get stuff sorted, despite my temptation to find a cheaper and quieter place further from the T and foist my apartment on someone else. I introduced myself to some neighbors and they seem happy with the place, apart from the loud and uncontrollable radiators. Hopefully the footsteps I hear aren't a prelude to driving me nuts. I'd been hoping this old apartment building would be more solid and un-noisy.

Right, don't need my sheets right away, because I paid for my current place through the 7th, so I can ease my way over.

Even with the limited opening I did do before going off to SCA dance, it felt weird. Not quite coming home yet. But I've been living out of two travel bags and a netbook since like July 27th. Over 7 months. I found my laptop and IT'S SO BIG. And has all sorts of files on it. And there's my frying pan, and there should be untouched clothes in the dresser, though I didn't open it... ooh, and my old winter clothes, like a real scarf.

Also verified my insurance, then called for a general checkup. May 4th whargarbl I miss the IU health center. I should call back and say "I was wrong, I don't need a checkup, I have specific problems" and see if that helps.

I miss a fair bit of Bloomington. My friends, and clubs, and the cheaper costs, and the center. OTOH I was allergic to April in Bloomington, and that's coming up...



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Mar. 3rd, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)
Congratulations! By a very strange co-incidence, both you and another friend posted about moving into a new place, back to back.
Mar. 4th, 2011 07:53 pm (UTC)
Did you finish up your program at IU? I'd been meaning to ask.
Mar. 4th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
No, walked away with a new MS in CS.
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