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Suddenly, beach

Haven't used mastory to phone blog in quite a while, but it feels appropriate today, even though it doesn't support DW.

I'd hoped to leave them behind in Bloomington, but I think my allergies followed me to Boston and a later month. Anyway, today was Mayfair in Harvard Square -- random street fair AFAICT. I went, and it's kind of standard: street food, art and product stalls, some performers. Foods like hot dogs, fried dough, Italian sausage, Asian stuff. Breakdancers, stick wielders, some loud rocky band, a woman pretending to be a 19th century marionette. One novel product: Nada chairs, straps that give you chairlike support while sitting. Most interesting things were provably that, the marionette, and the sheer people since I've been in my room a lot.

I ran out of interest there, but it's a niceish day, so I resumed my touristy exploration, making it to South Boston. Quiet at first, then a busier neighborhood a mile or so east of the T. I enjoy looking at the houses, thoujgh there's been little dramatically new. Turned south off the main of Dorchester, down residential M, crossed an oddly wide cross street, noticed the sign fonts are odd, like Fluxx cards. Combination of being sans serif and wide than most other fonts, I think, plus some of the signs having the color orientation and proportion of a playing card. Photos layer.

But then, beach! With sand and shells and all! And a dead gull. I wondered why I've never looked up tides. I suppose answers like never living closer than a few miles from a beach and never taking boats are among obvious answers. My eyes said the waves might be coming in, the sand and moon location say it's low tide. I guess those are actually consistent.

I kind of got lucky. Had I gone down L, which had traffic lights, I'd have run into this huge community center, that used to be men's and women's baths. For the beach, or for general cleanliness? We're talking about a continuous building a couple of blocks long. Also, that waves a POW-MIA sign.

East, and north a bit, is a vast estate of old, brick, and identical apartment buildings. I guessed public housing, and eventually was proven correct, by a sign saying Old Colony Public Housing Development, 1941.

Other life: filk yesterday, good swing Wednesday, book on proofiness, book on eels.



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