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Graveyards and bridges and such

Recent activities in no order.

* Walking through the Old Burying Ground, by the UU Church in Harvard Square. It's not new to me, but still weird, how walking a windy path among some plants (mostly grass, even) behind a fence can make me feel separated from the busy world only 10 feet away. Gravestones there are mostly uniform and old: uniform as in vertical slabs of weathered slated, old as in Revolutionary War.

* Reading on Cambridge Common, a biggish park-traffic island across the street.

* Walking across the Charles River to Allston. Some background here: I've never lived in a city dominated by a big river. Chicago has the Chicago River but nowhere near me, and if what I'm thinking of is it and not another canal, it's not that big or dominating. I grew up half a block away from a stream or canal, actually, but it was fairly narrow and I took it for granted. (Lots of greenery, though.) You'd occasionally see a rowboat or canoe down it, but access to it was mostly Another World for me. Pasadena has the Arroyo to the far west, which I think is a dry gorge; anyway, not important. San Francisco has jack -- though it does have the bays, and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge once. (Well, twice, to get back.) Bloomington is a small town with some creeks.

So, nothing like Buda-Pest, or Ankh-Morpork, or the Thames, or any other city where there was a Big River. Until now, of course. The bridge I took wasn't even that long, down JFK from Harvard Square into Allston (a neighborhood of Boston), but it still had a funky feeling. "I'm crossing a RIVER into ANOTHER CITY. Just like ANKH-MORPORK." You might be wondering about my travels in London and Paris. I did walk on the London Bridge; I don't recall if I went all the away across, or turned back due to other travel plans. Similarly, I was on a bridge over the Seine, and back again. Also, I simply wasn't thinking about this at the time, maybe because it's all one city nominally (except I'm not sure that's even true of London, but do tourists care?) whereas this was I'M ENTERING BOSTON.

Pretty boring part of Boston, BTW; Allston's a wasteland there. Harvard U campus extensions, a long winding road, and little of interesting.

Context for lyceum: this was right after we talked the other night. Oh, so Sunday. Earlier I had rum for the first time, or at least the first time not mixed with ginger ale, Captain Morgan's. Medicinal on the tongue, very smooth going down the throat.

* Free eye exam! The optometrist said my right eye is 20/40 with glasses. I think it used to be 20/40 without. :(

* I've bike-explored Union and Inman Squares. Lots of Peruvian and Portuguese restaurants to check out. There's a "raw bar" that has Sunday "world whole pig"

* Japanese novel reading: Spice and Wolf 2 and 3; Vampire Hunter D 1 and 3.

* The Heat has come, 30+ degree weather, but cooler nights. More recently it has left, down to 22. Wednesday storm was pretty crazy, with lightning flashes 5x a second and those tornadoes to the west. I thought I LEFT the Midwest.



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