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Female characters meme

So in Jan 2010 (!!) I did this vague meme
I figured I'd do a retake, noting that some recently-seen characters will have faded over time. Also, I'm going to pin it down to "favorite characters, or those who made a personal impression", without worrying about awesomeness vs. woobieness. This may change as I do the list...

...okay, yeah, it's a mix of favorites, and those who made enough of an impression that I remember their name but don't think they're lame, or don't remember their name but still think the character left a deep impression. E.g. I wasn't sure of Anri's name from Durarara, or Nice's, or the Alchemical Exalt in Keychain, but I remember *them*. I remember Mikuru from Suzumiya, but she's a moe-blob by design, so not listed. Cleppety isn't huge on my brain, but she's an important part of the book, she's a good person, and I remember her name without effort. Diziet Sma is kind of lame in my memory, but actually remembering the name of a Culture character is kind of impressive for me. The main character of Roswell should be here... but I've forgotten her name, and looking up feels like cheating... okay, I got her first name on my own, good enough. There's various webcomic characters I could name, but when I'm actively reading the comic I veto a lot of them.

A somewhat arbitrary criterion overall, but more focused for my purposes. Sort of "how many non-lame female characters can you recall without trying too hard?" Of course, I started with my old list, so kind of cheating, but I took out a few whom I feel I might not have thought to include.


Jame Talissen (God Stalk)
Kirien (Dark of the Moon)
Trishien (Hodgell^^)
Cleppety (Hodgell)
Lyra Lack-wit (Hodgell)
Rawneth (Hodgell)
Aerin (Hero and the Crown)
Cordelia Naismith (Bujold)
Elena Bothari (Bujold)
Elli Quinn, Ekaterin (^^)
Iselle and Beatriz (Curse of Chalion)
Ista (Paladin of Souls)
Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)
Jane Bennett (^^)
Anne Elliott (Persuasion)
Emma (^^)
Marta and Yelen Korolev (Marooned in Realtime)
Della Lu (Marooned in Realtime)
Diziet Sma (Culture)
Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, Magrat, Tiffany (Discworld)
Aliera, and Sethra Lavode, Cawti, Norathar (Brust)
Skade (Redemption Ark)
Ellen May Ngwethu (Cassini Division)
Sunshine (Sunshine)
Ariane Emory I and II, Catlin (Cyteen)
Pyanfar and Hilfy Chanur (Chanur)
Emer ap Allel (the Prize in the Game)
Sulien ap Gwien, and the local Morgause equivalent (the King's Peace)
Highliber Zarvora (Souls in the Great Machine)
Ael (My Enemy, My Ally)
The Lady and Soulcatcher (Black Company)


Youko Nakajima (Twelve Kingdoms)
Sugimoto (^^)
Shoukei (^^)
Suzu (^^)
Zefiris (Scrapped Princess; questionable femaleness as AI)
Cz (^^)
Steyr (^^)
Pacifica, Raquel (^^)
Lafiel (Crest of the Stars)
Admiral Spoor (Crest of the Stars)
Winry, Olivia, Rose, Izumi (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Karin, Anju, their mother, Maki, Elda (Karin)
Fuu (Samurai Champloo)
Horo (Spice and Wolf)
Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)
Alice, Sheila (Mahou Shoujoutai aka Tweeny Witches)
Haruhi (Ouran Host Club)
Misa (Death Note; presents as obsessive blonde ditz which she kind of is, but she was fairly smart when she needed to be too)
Mikoto and MISAKA (A Certain Magical Index)
Kuroko (Railgun)
Nausicaa (Miyazaki)
Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Tia, Subaru, Vita (Nanoha)
Kino (Kino no Tabi)
Ranka Lee, Sheryl, Grace (Macross Frontier)
Minmei, Lisa Hayes, Claudia Grant, Miria (Robotech)
Duck, Rue, Edel (Princess Tutu)
Nice, Chane, Rachel, Miria (Baccano!)
Celty, Anri Sonohara (Durarara!)
Suzumiya Haruhi (eponymous)
Yuki Nagato (Haruhi Suzumiya)
Revy, Balalaika (Black Lagoon)
Yin, Suou (Darker Than Black)
Shion, Mion, Rena, Mika, Hanyuu, Satoko (Higurashi)
Akemi Homura, Sayka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Kyouko, Madoka, Madoka's mom (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)


Live TV
Buffy, Willow, Tara, Zoe, Kaylee, River (6 Whedons at once)
Jenny Callendar, Drusilla, Darla, Anya, Anne, Fred (6 more)
Delenn, Na'Toth, Deathwalker (Babylon-5)
Susan Ivanova, Lyta Alexander, Talia Winters (Babylon-5)
Leela, Amy Pond, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) [yes, I'm not listing Romana. She gets captured. Or Peri, she whines.]
Amanda Carter (SG-1)
Xena and Gabrielle and Callisto (Xena)
Liz Parker (Roswell)


Wednesday Addams, Morticia (Addams Family Values)
Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Rogue (X-Men movie)
Cher (Clueless)


Agatha Heterodyne, Zeetha (Girl Genius!)
Nico, and the blonde alien, Molly (Runaways)
Johanna Constantine (Sandman)
Mina Harker (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen *comic*)
Death (Sandman)
Elaine Belloc (Lucifer)
Mona Doyle (Lucifer)
Dazzler (Marvel comics)
Snow White, Rose Red, Frau Totenkinder (Fables)
Agent 359 (?, no, 355) (Y the Last Man)


Florence (Freefall webcomic; non-human)
Takako (Heliothaumic)
Sarine Elle, Meji, Bani, Anita, Misa (Errant Story)
Sasha, Zoe (Sluggy Freelance)
Antimony and Kat, Zimmy, Jones (Gunnerkrigg Court)
Marena and Secret, that Alchemical (Keychain of Creation)
Haley, Miko Mizayaki, Tsukiko, "I can make new ones in my tummy" (Order of the Stick) [ironic I can't remember the name of the last]
Anya, Petria (Phoenix Requiem)
Penny, Aggie, Sara, Daphne (Penny and Aggie)
Spinnerette, Mecha Maid (Spinnerette)


Western animation
Leela (Futurama)
Azula and Katara, Suki, Mai, Ty Lee (Avatar)


Myth and ballad, excluding standard goddesses
Morgan le Fay
Janet Carter (Tam Lin ballad)




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