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getting Fresh

Yesterday: much reading, like some statistical machine language stuff, streetcar history, Dutch flood control and royal history, and stuff. Then a bike ride, to the library and back west, through Harvard Square down Brattle and streets and oh god did I consult GPS frequently. I made it to Fresh Pond, which turned out to be this big reservoir, and biked all around it (2.25 miles!), taking notes on activities advertised there.

Today I had another blood test, a decent and cheap (6.95) Indian buffet, then the MIT museum. Old Polaroid room, a refreshingly frank AI research room ("we suck"), a holography room including the holo eagle on the 1984 National Geographic issue so a blast from my childhoood, funky machine art, the Edgerton piddler machine, and hybrid illusions. Also stereographs of MIT, from the late 19th when any well-off home had a stereoscope, because stereographs was how the world came to your home. The piddler machine is a strobe light on falling streams of colored water; you can control the strobe frequency so the water seems to go backwards. Hybrid illusions change face based on range, due to low vs. high frequencies, so Harry Potter changes into Albert Einstein. If you're nearsighted this reduces the range, I found (sans glasses.)

My first farmers' market since the winter one! Small but I got some greens. You can swipe food stamp or credit cards for token to spend there.

A Korean and other Asian grocery. Clementines seem out of season elsewhere but they still had some, though seeded. [ETA: oh yeah, and got wheat-free tamari. So I could cook with it if a wheat-free person ever visited, and I do a little bit to support the market for such products.]

Home, then a bike ride back to Fresh Pond for one of the events: a tour of the Cambridge water treatment plant. To my surprise, I was on time, it's like a 10 minute ride from my house. Tour was fun. Cambridge owns 3 reservoirs in the general area and has its own system, with MWRA as backup, which is why they skipped the boil water order last year.

Went to the end of some bikefest, where Grendelpeople won an expensive cargo bike and food tickets to the sponsoring restaurant. The zponsoring BBQ restaurant. The winners are vegan. "Appetizers and beer!"



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