Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Pre East Boston

It's MaStory time again, boys and girls!

Up relatively early today, so train to MITSFS to exchange books, running into an SCA acquaintance playing keyholder. Unlike SPECTRE where only I shelved returned books, they all seem to. Also there are actual checkout terms and fines, vs. Caltech's return it whenever, and maybe I'd nag you if I noticed it was out too long.

MIT student art gallery: meh. Student Center "bookstore": more of a clothing store. But I found a real bookstore by the T stop, got some interesting titles.

Downtown Crossign. Pedestrian only streets, some musicians, and maybe 10 vendor stalls; I tried some amepa? Not sure, but sweet corn patty wity mozzarella. It was okay. Walked up to State. Borders is still open. A colonial dress band was playing nearby. I got a 50 cent peach from another vednor, decent (firm, sweet, some juice) but not Immortality class.

Orange/Blue T entrance turned out to mean "orange here, walk quite a way for blue." I guess such tunnels are good for bad weather, but I hate having my expectations messed up.

After 6 months, I'm finally on the Blue Line, heading to East Boston. "No one goes there", or knows what's there, apart from some old dog race track and presumed residential neighborhoods. My relocation guide didn't mention it. It gets cut off on a lot of maps. The Blue Line runs a bit less frequently than other lines. Yet, you know, this train is rather crowded for a place no one goes too.

One webpage had said East Boston was largely Hispanic, and that's not contradicted by the visible passengers, though there's some number of conventional whites. Few blacks or Asians. The train mostly runs aboveground, near water, there was a beach at Orient Heights, maybe. Poorer vibe off the passengers, like working class clothing, or just not hip; northern Red Line feels a lot different. Friendly when I asked if there were interesting things around. "Beach. Bus to Salem." Hour long bus sounds like, 20 miles.

A wifi spot here at Wonderland is "FrickenRevere".

On to explore!
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