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Friday stuff

Evening socializing of Boston Anime Meetup at Shabu-ya. I had bibimbap, it was okay. Glad I had the fried egg, it helped. Met people who'd heard of Twelve Kingdoms, or tried Crest of the Stars but not made it through the first episode, or seen or finished the real FMA. Also a Coast Guard person and a CS&biology student. SCA girl is engaged and then had nearly lost her missized ring. Some of us tried to go to a party afterwards, but it seemed like the required bus was late, and my "where's the bus?" smartphone page did not indicate any buses on either route, 83 or 91. I used the 77 as a control; it did have buses. So I went to a Grendels-circle housewarming party instead. Sampled some Bock beer, which was fairly good for beer, shared in noting how there were 8 people in a room and only one didn't have glasses, listened to PET scan and vision stories. Someone ran into a robot in an admin building at Harvad, which showed his face on its display and kept approaching. I went proto-Dalek for him: "IM-I-TATE!" A hospital apparently uses a robot to convey a lockbox of drugs via a mile of corridors. Another hospital considered pneumatic tubes to convey fast-decaying radioactive drugs from cyclotron and lab to PET scanner, but settled for using runners instead. I wonder about the cancer risk to the runners of holding a canister of indirect gamma emitters a lot.

I've run into murals recently. There's on the north side of Shaw's, that I found a few nights ago, might have mentioned it. Another on Brookline street, as I found coming back home; looked maybe political but I was speedwalking back to the train station.

Brookline street is not in Brookline, it's in Cambridge.

My userpic has nothing to do with anything, I just felt it hadn't been used much.



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