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Bloomington stores

Changes of note, for residents who haven't noticed or ex-residents who still care:

Today's lead is HuHot, replacing Cheeseburgers in Paradise in the NW corner of Eastland Plaza, aka "the Borders mall". HuHot is a mongolian grill, all you can eat, $8 for weekday lunch, maybe $12 for dinner, some price for weekend lunch ($9?). It seems good. Meat slices are mostly frozen even at 15;15. The distinctive element is 12 sauces in addition to the standard garlic chili sesame oils. My first bowl was bland, "spicy" sausage, pork, water chestnuts, garlic broth, sesame oil, sherry. Second bowl was very tasty: same sausage, beef, tomatoes, onions, some peanut sauce (their #1 sauce, allegedly), garlic oil. Third bowl was also good, and all veggie: tofu, baby corn, tomato, onion, water chestnuts, lettuce, some 4-chilis sauce, garlic oil. (There's also 3 types of noodles, plus table rice or tortillas.) Either their sauces are good or I like anything with tomatoes onions and garlic cooked together.

Where Borders was has been snapped up by one of those migratory seasonal stores, a Halloween one naturally. Huge, as Borders was. Lease sign still up of course, since no doubt it'll be gone by the end of November.

Jumping back, Friday I had one of the basil rices at Siam House; good. Leaving, I found that Casablanca the Moroccan restaurant had turned into My Thai, Bton's third Thai restaurant unless something has happened to Esan Thai. Kirkwood has a funky sandwich shop, where the menus are brown paper bags you check options on, turn in, and presumably receive your sub back in. Dunkin Donuts (next to Noodles next to Von Lee) has been replaced by *another* sandwich shop, Potbelly,with a very old-timey decor. Word is that the Dagwood's on 10th near Eigenmann has close.

There's a Darn Good Soup fast restaurant on the west side of the square, replacing Bloomington Sandwich Company, which I'm told moved next to Buskirk-Chumley. Ch and I went there Monday, and it was good; we both had pork and tomatillo soup. Bread is good though small, coming in 25 cent chunks.

My eyes kept falling off the Runcible Spoon menu Sunday, despite the rather large sans serif font. No one else has observed its unreadability. No, I'm not going blind, I can read everything else, I just got a sense of "DO NOT READ" from that menu.

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Oct. 5th, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
My experience at three different Mongolian barbecues in four locations here in Minneapolis is that the meat is always frozen. I think this is done on purpose, to help the meat and veggies finish cooking in about the same amount of time.
Oct. 5th, 2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
I think they're supposed to be frozen for public health reasons, what with thin raw meat lying out for a while. But I've seen them thaw out, and mid-afternoon when customers are few would seem a tempting time to skimp.
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