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Other Bton notes

The B-line trail has been extended. In the north, not far, from 9th and Rogers to 9th and Adams, or so said the map pillar; I stopped at the old endpoint. But I went south all the way down to Country Club Road. It then connects to the Rail Trail, but I wasn't going to take a borrowed road bike onto gravel. All the crossings have signs saying "STOP TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP", but the cars see signs saying "YIELD FOR PEDS AND BIKES". Amy says Bton has been trying out Yield signs on 10th (Psychology), and I saw one on Jordan (dorms/Education?), but also says the drivers don't seem to have caught on yet. Note the callback to Thursday and the lack of such signs on 3rd.

Thurs: SFDG dinner
Friday: Gamers' Guild, which I mostly spent chatting with anima or Amy and selecting wedding music.
Saturday: wedding, which for here we'll note my going to Oliver Winery for the first time. The wine-involving salami was okay. The Seattles Chocolates Mint Dark Chocolate Truffle bar was quite good. I did not have any wine there. Post-reception I went to anime club, and saw episodes 9-10 of various series. House of Five Leaves, good. Last Exile, fun. Wolf's Rain: interesting. Giant Killing: time to go home.
Sunday: chatted with oniugnip, met Amy, read Action Philosophers
Monday: borrowed bike, met Ch, B-line, finally went to greenhouse with Amy, biked all the way over to Knightridge for music-sharing at tooth_and_claw's, got told to read K. J. Parker, watched Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, biked back.
Today: slept in, HuHot, Logicomix.

Monday evening showed a few things. One was Spectrums, a series of collections of contemporary fantastic art. I liked what I saw. Second was how fast my cat allergy can kick in. Staying at Lindsey's hasn't been too bad, with an isolated room and little contact. tooth has 4 cats and carpet and within five minutes of sitting on the carpet my nose was streaming. Moving to the smooth couch, or a high metal chair, helped a bit. Within an hour of going back to anima's and saganhawk's afterwards I was back to normal.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares purports to be about a chef who visits terrible restaurants and fixes them, with a lot of insults along the way. I don't know how real vs. scripted it purports to be; I'm skeptical of what smells like a reality show for food, and also that some of those places wouldn't have killed someone if they were as bad as he claims. Still, it was entertaining, and someone opening a seafood dining restaurant despite not eating seafood is sadly plausible, especially if he talks about "dining experience" and has pseudo-Pollock art on the walls. Ironically, or perhaps suspiciously, he was saved by being turned into a fish and chips shop specializing in fresh... pollock.

I don't comment much or regularly on seeing and hanging out with people, because I'm me, but that's been great, too.

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Oct. 5th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
I believe the thinking is that cars SHOULD yield to pedestrians, but no one does because they're mostly Indiana drivers. Knowing that, they warn the pedestrians of irresponsible drivers.
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