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Wedding notes

And finally, notes about the main event!

* Beck Chapel seems rather Irish. Or at least there's a lot of very simple triskelions in it.

* I usually think wedding dresses look somewhere between blah and absurd. lyceum looked beautiful. I think I can identify why. Most dresses are pure white, have bare arms, and look completely impractical, with giant inhibiting gowns, giant trains, or both and more. Lyceum had covered arms, looked like a lady able to go direct the defense of the castle when treacherously attacked on her wedding day, and as a mention of tea-staining a hand-me-down hairpiece directed my attention to, was in ivory or off-white rather than bleach-white, which I'm guessing goes better with actual skin tones. I don't know why the arms matters, but it seems a factor. Her own words were that she'd always wanted to frolic at her own wedding, and so she had a dress that permitted it; one might worry about the fabric, but it didn't seem physically inhibiting.

I note the standard dress often wards off the bride's lower body from physical contact. Perhaps that's considered a feature, but lyceum's dress looked more fun for both bride and groom.

* Ceremony was rather religious for a couple of agnostics. But minister was groom-dad, and Christian-agnostics aren't as sensitive as atheists.

* Ceremony also spent quite some time on a parable of a farmer who paid a denarius to workers, no matter when they started working. In context, I think the intended meaning was about being generous and accepting gifts and not standing on fairness or perceived rights, to make a marriage work. But I kept hearing it as "accept what you're given, rich people have the right to do whatever they want"; that segment could have been dropped straight into a rant against striking workers. It's not just my overpoliticized brain; someone else turned out to have had the same reaction.

* The new Mr. Lyceum told the guy ahead of me in the reception line that "it" was probably going to all be a blur, whether wedding or line or both. For my turn, well:
"I could pinch you. You'd probably remember that."
"I probably would. That could help."
*takes that as permission, pinches the groom*
"Ow! I'll definitely remember that."

Personally, I give only even odds of his having spontaneous recall of it, though I'd expect recollection given prompt.

* Later we threw birdseed at the newlyweds. Lack of decolletage meant no risque targeting of the bride; instead the groom ended up with a hair full of seed. "Groom the groom!" I called, as he tried to shake it all out later.

* We picnicked at Oliver Winery, before the reception. A frisbee had been given its own bridal veil. It was still decently aerodynamic, at least until the fringe started coming part way off, and we managed not to send it into the lake.

* My table ended up with various ciders -- apple, blueberry, and pomegranate -- and only a bit of Kava sparkling wine. I preferred the ciders. We also got in a game of telephone-pictionary. Lyceum missed a great chance to inflict it on the entire wedding party; those 8-person tables would have been ideal.

* I got to notify the couple that their car had been 'vandalized' with "just married" decorations. I honestly thought I was just commenting on what I'd seen on a walk, but turned out they didn't know yet.

* I guess it was too long a day for most people; dancing to decent music got aborted by people sneaking away and lyceum not wanting to lose help for cleanup, so minimal dancing with the newlyweds, except with each other.

* Cake. Was there even a solid wedding cake? I never saw it if so. There were cupcakes. The bit I had was good though I was pretty full by then.

And that's all she wrote. Huh, my one other post with the 'weddings' tag got 19 comments.

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