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Christmas in Chile

Bit of a token update. I'm down in Chile again with G&S and kids. Having fun but I'm not going to go into detail about playing with kids. Let's see what randomly comes to mind.

Atlanta airport waiting area: there's what looks like a quilt, saying "wherein his gift is greatest -
Propertius" in color against a whitish background. It turns out to be made of business cards.

Flew down on Delta, which had a seat upgrade to economy plus. G says the airlines that go from California to Chile don't, affecting his parents.
Delta also seemed to have advertising before take off, though I managed to ignore it.
Free meal came with free wine, but plastic forks, and $2 if you wanted an extra snack like M&Ms.
G says LAN plans have one fewer rows, so a bit more legroom. Might explain some of the higher price.

The family here seems a lot better at winning Pandemic than any other group I've played with.

S made turkey where the breast didn't suck. Was good, even. *shock* Might be pre-marinating or -brining by the store.

On a walk I stopped and watched coletivos go by every couple minutes. They're a form of public transit here, though I don't know if they're officially public. Basically fixed route taxis, cars going around and around and stopping to pick up people who look like they want a ride. I didn't time it exactly but it did feel like every couple minutes; the bigger buses (microbus, maybe) were 5 or 10. 3 passenger seats * 30 times an hour = 90 passenger bandwidth. 120 if 4 seats. Compare to 900 theoretical for single-passenger vehicles, or 240 for 40-seat buses 6x an hour. But La Serena isn't that dense I think, most buildings are single-story, apart from the booming towers on the beach as people decide two 9.x quakes in 40 years in Concepcion is enough and move up here.

We went to a restaurant a few days ago, and I had paella de valencia. The core paella (yellow rice and a new form of scallops and ok chicken) was pretty good, I was less thrilled by the seafood bits on the outside: crab claws without much flavor, okay mussels, clams or oyster I'm not sure which. Table bread and pebre was good, pebre being like a spicy pico de gallo, and one of the few spicy foods in Chile.

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Dec. 27th, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC)
You might not have seen the other half of the business card mosaic in the Atlanta international terminal. The complete quotation is "Let each man pass his days in that endeavor wherein his gift is greatest." Hence, people's business cards.
Dec. 28th, 2011 12:36 am (UTC)
I certainly didn't! Thanks, that makes more sense. I was thinking some twisted Christian thing.
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