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Attack of the Killer Tree Sperm

My cold from AB has rolled over almost perfectly into spring allergies. For a couple days I was feeling almost over things, then bam, wake up today to thick eye mucus and extra sandy eyes and being tired and all. I'm toying with getting to FilkOntario. I'm also wondering where I can travel that won't have air jizz at the moment. Besides the Southern Hemisphere. Not sure Florida would be enough. I guess dry country. Puerto Rico?

Finished Watership Down. Wheee. Requested other old children's books: Mrs. Frisby, Secret Garden, Heidi (so many choices of versions.) Remi is only available as a reference copy. ! I wonder what happened to my family's copy. Don't find an e-book of it either.

Went to SCA dance dinner, biked home, had reflective experience about biking on sidewalks. I was going up Prospect from Central Square, and didn't stay on the road long. It's one land each way, narrow, and busy. Choices seemed to be take up lane and slow everyone down, squeeze along curb and feel stressed about risk, or sidewalk. There were enough people on the sidewalk that I'd go slow for even me on a bike, but not so many as to not be going faster than I could walk. On average I think it works out okay: traffic passes me when it moves, including the braver bicyclists, but then waits at a light while I keep going, and I happened to not have to wait for cross lights much myself.

More evidence that my attitude toward biking modes is shaped by not going all that fast anyway, with me on my cheap heavy wide-tire mountain bike, and by my comparing myself to walking speed, not driving or ideal road bike speeds.

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