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Culture stuff

A neat image, the origins of which I have no idea of. Catgirls and bunnygirls in swimwear may not be for everyone, but the setting they're in has a magical feel to me. Makes me think of a future Neo-Venezia where the Martian neo-cats have merged with the people and gondolas been replaced by water buses.

Lois Bujold has a new novel coming out real soon now -- or sooner if you go DRM-free ebook -- and the first six chapters are online.

Article and comments on more productive farming.

The Met makes many catalogs free online.

Original pronunciation Shakespeare (Youtube).

Fake lesbian kiss upstages anti-gay rights protest.

Pre-sprawl aerial photos vs. modern satellite images.

Amtrak breaking ridership records. (Keep in mind Amtrak is young compared to US railroads.) (I was contemplating going to OVFF this weekend: ride, plane, bus, train? Nope, no train to Columbus Ohio.)

Lots of bicycle stuff! Bike paths may really be dramatically safer. A defense of electric bikes for SF hills. What bicyclists really want. A bicycle for carrying two small kids. The author is down on it, but the idea comes through anyway. And the Dutch contemplate heated bike lanes.

My Little Ponies teach fonts to use and avoid.

Someone: '"What's keming". is arguably the nerdiest joke I know.'

Why restaurant websites suck.

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Oct. 30th, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
On the kid carrying bike: I personally never felt comfortable using an infant seat of that sort, but I've never seen safety stats. I didn't like the trailer much either. For us the real biking began on a tagalong (trailer bike or attachment bike by other names) which started at 3 years, 5 months. But then I have a mutant child who was not only tall enough to use a tagalong that young, but also had the stamina to do 15 miles on it a few months after starting. And of course now doing 15 miles on his own bike at 5.

Anyhoo, the main disadvantage is price. Trailers, attachment bikes, and seats can be had for less than $200 and don't require buying a whole new bike.
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