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Snowpocalypse thoughts

I'd thought "snowpocalypse" or "snowmagddeon" were exaggerations. But I went out for a walk just now, and it actually is like a minor apocalypse. Most apocalyptic is: no cars. More precisely, walking down a major thoroughfare (Massachusetts Avenue, also Somerville) in the daytime and seeing hardly any cars. More people than cars, but not because of a parade. People tossing a football in the middle of Somerville Ave. Also, someone skiing down the sidewalk. Very strong "not many people left and the cars have stopped working" feel.

Should have taken pictures, but I didn't think to bring my phone, and it's getting dark. But I can link to Chris's; he lives by Central Square but it's similar feel, and same street (Mass Ave)

Snowfall was at least a couple of feet. After the plows have been through, piles are hip-deep or even shoulder-high. I realize I don't have clothes for this. Long underwear and ankle boots, yes. Snow pants and knee boots, no.

I went out expecting just-freezing temperatures like during the storm. Instead it was a lot colder, and I aborted my expedition due to freezing cheeks. Checked the weather, and I now have a experiential calibration for what -7 C and -12 C windchill feel like. (Too cold! Definitely scarf time.) (This is part of my project to learn Celsius, like the rest of the world.)

I love not having to shovel. Joys of renting (and not owning a car. My complex is swarming with people trying to free their cars.)

I feel justified in having joined the Thursday grocery shopping crowds. The world hasn't ended but it'll be nice to not have to go to the store for a few days. (I did Shaw's Wednesday, and TJ Thursday, both pretty busy. Then hit Shaw's at 11:15pm Thursday for a few extra things.... HUGE lines. I decided I didn't need those things. Then I saw that the more expensive Gourmet Market was business as usual, so I paid more for those things in money but not time. Yeah, I have more time than income, but I hate lines.)

Supposed to be above freezing M-W, with lows around freezing. Won't be enough to melt all this off but should make a dent, with a risk of creating ice patches as well.

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