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I've been trying to reset my sleep schedule to something more in tune with society. So far I'm just massively jet lagged without the fun of having gone anywhere.

Snooze buttons are bad for you or at least can be, especially if you actually fall asleep you again; sleep has phases, and you can fall into a deeper phase than you were initially. This might also explain something I found during my orals prep: for two weeks my body refused to sleep more than 3 hours a night, and I was tired all the time, but trundled through my studied. The day of my exam I set my alarm, got woken up after three hours, and felt like nauseous crap. There's a difference between three hours because stupid body wakes up and three hours because alarm.

Another column on how teens naturally sleep at 11pm for 9 hours despite US insanity of having high schooler start earlier than elementary school.


NY Times takes on the Senate, the least democratic legislature in the developed world. 66:1 ratio in power between WY and CA. Why do the 500,000 people of Wyoming deserve more power (and federal money) than the 500,000 people of Fresno?


Cosmic ray bit flips a growing problem?

Cracked on gun myths or weird facts: gun ads are weird, there's no typical mass shooter, making suicide harder does work to reduce suicides, there's weird gun/god association, violence is down, guns get collected like expensive Barbie dolls, maybe all the gun porn and violent games reduce overall violence while increasing mass shootings. Maybe.


social mobility of food services, and contribution of liquor to urban vitality

Las Vegas female bartenders. Another profession gets sexualized and off-limited for the non-young.


Transit has big benefits. Even if a small %age of trips is via transit, those will be disproportionately trips that otherwise would have been on congested roads, so the benefit is larger than one might expect. I always said drivers should welcome transit subsidies as reducing the competition for road and parking...

Productivity minimum wage would be $22/hour. Inflation-linked would be over $10.50

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Mar. 28th, 2013 12:01 am (UTC)
It's not just cosmic rays that cause bit flips. Freshly-mined lead (Pb) emits alpha particles, which can flip bits if you use it for tin-lead (SnPb) solder. Some companies use low-alpha solder, made from lead that was mined centuries ago (and used for roofing, or from an ancient shipwreck, far from the irradiation of an ore deposit), or from lead which has undergone laser isotope separation.
Mar. 28th, 2013 04:21 am (UTC)
Las Vegas bartenders: I should remind you that the town is basically one giant brothel and gambling hell built for the profit of the Mafia. What does anyone expect?

Transit: amen, brother. Most European governments realize that railways and buses must be ran at a loss for the good of the country. The British, with their Thugcherite hangover, are an exception, but as it happens their privatized railways cost the public sector more in subsidies than nationalized British Rail ever did, and are less efficient than their continental counterparts.
Mar. 28th, 2013 04:41 am (UTC)
Did you read the article? Point is that LV has been changing in this. They had brothels (well, escorts, no legal brothels in town) and male bartenders.

Yeah, people in Europe kept telling me the UK trains sucked. I of course compared them to the US, which made them seem awesome.

"cost the public sector more in subsidies"

But of course! Where else would superfluous profit come from?
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