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More adventure in yogurt

I've continued my yogurt. It's currently not so much runny as outright liquid, and the curds at the bottom have either dissolved or been mostly eaten by now. I should probably move the batch and clean the pot it's in sometime.

I also got into kefir. Not with fancy grains, I just put milk in a mason jar and added some kefir from a bottle, figuring stuff was still alive in it. I didn't think to look up the species names to see if any of them were yeast; kefir is a bacteria/yeast mix. It didn't seem to be moving fast on the counter, though kefir is supposed to be room-temperature/mesophilic, so I moved it to the oven too for pilot light warmth. It soured up appropriately; I'm not sure it carbonated or made any alcohol. I'd swear for a while it was getting more solid than any of my yogurts, like jello almost, and was wondering if it was forming its own grains, but just now it was totally drinkable. Both it and the current yogurt are a few days old by now, maybe something happens over time? I dunno.

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May. 15th, 2013 03:42 pm (UTC)
Do you think you might experiment with making yogurt out of young coconuts? I remember when I tried to find help opening young coconuts that I came across a site (with video?) that showed how to shave the top, then take a whack, and then pop off a lid. She then poured the water into a blender, extracted the meat and put that in, too. Oh, wait, maybe that was when she also stuck in part of a vanilla bean and had a delicious smoothy. Her blender is a lot more powerful/effective than mine, to reduce a vanilla bean like that, and not turn the coconut meat into small but still recognizable pieces.

Okay, maybe she or someone else also took the resulting milky mixture, and added yogurt cultures. I forget now. If I were into making my own yogurt, I'd probably try that.
May. 15th, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)
Probably not. I don't mess around with coconuts and my blender isn't that powerful.
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