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Indian restaurants

In one of those things that make you wonder "change of ownership or just change of name?" the Indian/something place next to Darul Kebab is now Third Eye, an Indian/Nepalese place. I'd swear it was Nepalese or Tibetan before, too... Just open for a month, and totally empty. Felt sorry for the guy, no wait staff, fancy place, lots of wine bottles. Then again, 8:30pm on a Monday.

After an Oishinbo manga club night I was in the mood for ramen but then I wasn't sure if they'd be open, and I got tempted by dinner buffet at Darul Kebab. Tip: dinner buffet not long before closing is a bad idea. That or they're just bad, but rice was dry, food was out... some of what they had was good, though, especially Chana Masala and Chicken Tikka Masala. Saag paneer too, which was a surprise for me, creamy spinach isn't my thing.

I had fun guessing what religion the places were. Nepal is pretty Hindu, and the menu I took from Third Eye had no beef on it. Darul's menu said "food of India, Pakistan, and Bagladesh", which is probably just North India, with a Muslim twist since they *did* serve beef. They also had 4 TVs going, showing 4 different shows; two had BENGLA on screen. My first thought was West Bengal, since I have Indian states on the brain, but my first bet would be Bangladesh itself. Not a big bet, though.

Two tables over some older Indian(?) men were talking in a presumably subcontinental language, but I kept hearing the word 'democracy' which amused and intrigued me. Even more amused when I heard "John McCain" too.

As I was almost done (or more than done, according to later gut signals), completely fresh naan, almost too hot to touch, got brought out to me. So there's that. Free fresh bread, but late. Fairly buttery.

Third Eye's menu has coupons for big take out orders, but you could grab a new menu as you go, always getting discounted food...

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