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Scary turbulence on every flight except connecting La Serena.

Apartment complex has cleared the courtyard walk, but the public sidewalk in front is a deathly death trap of deadly ice.

Been going to Arisia. Either the hotel was cooler today or I'm starting to get sick.

Haven't filked much. There's been interesting things until 23:15, and there's a lot more people. Friday I got in my "Soldier Ask Not" and left, almost barely making the last trains. Saturday I hung a bit, then left earlier. Today I bailed out of a 22:00 "can we trust photos" panel and went directly home.

Con suite isn't stocked as well as Boskone's. Smaller selection and less reliably stocked. Though the Arisia meatballs are back. And it's much easier to get to than in 2011 -- 16th floor then, Galleria now. They do have some nice bread.

I guess the food trucks were a big hit, they ran out of food early. I've mostly been living on home breakfast and dinner, and con suite.

Airport has "next silver line" displays now, but South Station and World Trade Center don't.

Nice stuff

People seemed to like my "Soldier Ask Not". I went to a "strong sound" workshop that was interesting, and I got told I've got "an excellent instrument", though apparently clarity problems. A Game of Thrones fan meetup today had amazingly few people show up but I had fun talking to a couple of people anyway, no spoilers barred.

Nice panels: "Why root for monarchies? Class and fantasy lit." One random linkback: supposedly in medieval France it was believed only special people could learn to read, even while a much higher literacy culture (98%? I disbelieve) was right over the Pyrenees. Similarly Americans tend to think of singing as a special talent, vs. other cultures where everyone's expected to. This came out of divine or magical legitimacy for monarchs.

"Poetry and prose", authors switching modes. Went mostly because I knew a panelist, and the 5 panelists outnumbered the 2, later 4, audience members. Still, was fun.

"Sheroes", on female heroines, with Tanya Huff and James Nicoll.

"Housekeeping for nerds". I was curious and knew a panelist. Surprisingly fun as well as informative, in terms of options for spending money on the problem, and a few tricks.

"Geeky belly dance" performances.

"Judaism in SF", with the added fun of sitting by an SCA person I know and swapping notes to quietly comment. (I'd type on my phone, she'd write on paper or whisper.) She's a lot more Jewish than I am and disagreed with some of the panel statements, but it was sure entertaining.

Yeah, I know I'm not saying much useful. No time for that.

I wanted to like "Let's rule the universe" on space empires but I gave up fast, it was just a morass of unstated assumptions. Space access *is* hard but stating that as unalterable fact when you're assuming FTL is rather messy. And "no one has any clue how to make an ansible, while NASA has warp drive programs!" True for program values of "a few people are paid to have wacky useless ideas."

I haven't sung much, but I've gone to singing 'panels' for lack of a better noun: story song, doom song context, silly song mashup.

Had a few nice transit or hall conversations, though haven't met anyone new that I'm likely to ever see again.

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