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Disney's Frozen

I've never been a big Disney movie person, though I've started to wonder if I've missed something. But i went to see "Frozen" Friday, and wow! Really good. Also not primarily about a comical snowman, despite the misdirection of some trailers or ads,t apparently. It's pretty musical -- I thought that was normal for Disney, thus my wonder if I've missed something, but I've seen people call this one in particular "a musical". I'm a bit sorry now I missed the sing-along version, that could have been fun.

I wouldn't call it perfect; it's got all the detailed worldbuilding of a Disney princess movie, and the plot setup is rather accelerated, staccato even. OTOH, some of the weaknesses some people perceive are actually subtly (or not) addressed in the movie.

If you're willing to trust me, I'd say go out and see it soon (hurry! it's been out since November, can't be around too much longer, can it?) and read the rest of this later. If you're not, or you have seen it, well, spoilers ahead:

"Riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent reindeer king!"

Scandinavia and the world fanart. Also a joke historical analysis.

Role shift

Thematic relation with the short

This winter and the Oscars

Princess Manhattan

Tangled's Rapunzel makes a cameo in the coronation scene, apparently.

Oglaf fanart. NSFW

There's some connected children's books; A Sister More Like Me tells us young Elsa wished for a friend who knew geometry. Which fits the "frozen fractals" in "Let It Go". It also indicates that no Elsa didn't spend 13 years in her bedroom, nor Anna all that time locked in the palace, what with pony-riding and tree-climbing and looking in at Elsa's window. Speaking of which.

Even Disney makes animation errors. Which has Rapunzel behind Anna, I think; apparently getting a haircut meant she lost her powers and her hair turned brown. ???

The TVTropes Fridge page has a lot of subtleties called out. Some more sensible than others, but lots are pretty good. What's the first thing Elsa does up the mountain? Makes the snowman her sister had kept asking for. And you can see her looking around right before she builds the castle, as if she's actually looking and thinking, not just having a power ejaculation. Elsa lets her hair down... but it's still in a braid.

Apparently traditional comic book supervillain colors are purple, green, and black. Elsa's coronation colors are purple and... well, blue-green.

The climax of the fixer-upper song applies to Elsa.

Ice dress

Unrelated: Disney princesses as Doctors Who. Mostly lost on me really, but Rapunzel as the Fourth Doctor is worth it alone.

See the comment count unavailable DW comments at http://mindstalk.dreamwidth.org/388194.html#comments



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Mar. 11th, 2014 03:30 am (UTC)
If you haven't seen it, you might like this article.
Mar. 11th, 2014 04:08 am (UTC)
Huh, interesting, thanks. Sweet ending.

"Because of the five-to-one prevalence of the disorder in boys over girls, one in every 54 boys is affected, a number with few epidemiological precedents"

Yeep. Nearly 2%?

"Walt Disney told his early animators that the characters and the scenes should be so vivid and clear that they could be understood with the sound turned off"

I wouldn't go that far for "Let It Go"... was interesting to watch it silent, though.

"Many autistic people, though, can watch that favorite a hundred times and seemingly feel the same sensations as the first time. While they are soothed by the repetition, they may also be looking for new details and patterns in each viewing, so-called hypersystemizing, a theory that asserts that the repetitive urge underlies special abilities for some of those on the spectrum"

Or in a more socially able form, 'geeks'. Reminds me of that, anyway.
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