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movie: the Grand Budapest Hotel

I just saw this tonight, spontaneously with fanw, as if we're friends living near each other. Shocking! The movie... I'm not going to try to describe in any detail. It's humorous, I'd say a blend of surrealism, silliness, and genre-bending; it reminds me of my very dim memories of "O Brother Where Art Thou". I rather doubt it'll become one of the great memories of my life in its own right, but it was entertaining.

It soooo does not pass the Bechdel test.
It has somewhat more gore and violence then I expected from a humorous movie about a quaint old hotel.
Fanw's German is rusty but she had some comments on the German in the movie, which I didn't catch. Lutz is probably fake but she asked about Lodz, and playing Eurorails with G&S taught me that Lodz is in Poland, FWIW, and that suggests to me me that the imaginary Ruritania of the movie could well be a fake Poland. Before, I would have placed it more to the SE, in the Balkans or Bulgaria. Not that it matters. At all.
If you stay for the ending credits, as I was raised to do, then they're not too long, you get to see lots of exotic German or Slavic names, and there's really catchy Eastern European music which I sort of danced to in the back of the theatre. Near the end there's even an animated dancing guy in traditional Slavic costume. I did not try to imitate his headstands.

This was in the Davis Square Somerville "we sell beer and wine" Theatre which I hadn't been to before, so afterwards fanw showed me the Museum of Bad Art in the basement. I just realized I have no memory of how we got there, or out, as I simply did my usual following-a-friend thing with minimal attention to the route. Like old times. Anyway, the museum has various paintings, allegedly meant to be serious paintings by adults, and snarky commentary in the identifying placards. It, too, was amusing. I guess you have to have a movie ticket to get to it. Or, checking the inevitable website, go to one of the other locations...

Wow, that makes five movies I've seen this year, not counting the Christmas vacation ones (seeing DVDs with the family I'm staying with is traditional) and it's only mid-April. Three of them in theatres! My recent average has been under one a year.

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